How To Become A Successful Blogger and Make Money

Do you want to become a successful blogger and make money? then you have landed on the best blog post because I am going to tell you the truth about becoming a successful blogger, To become a successful blogger first off all you have to start your own blog, unless and until you start your blog you are not going to see any results, I assume that you must have started your blog and thinking that how to make my blog successful and make money out of it because this is the dream of many bloggers to make money from their blogs

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It's good and fair if you are putting lot's of your time and efforts in blogging then you must get rewards for it, it's not limited to just for blogging but for everything you do in your life in which you spend your time and efforts. Like for example if you are doing 9 to 5 job and you boss tells you that I will not pay you for this month will you work absolutely NO! because you are putting your effort and doing lots of hard work to complete their work in time and Time is precious for me and you, isn't it? You nodded right. I know that. So in this post I a going to share few tips on how to become a successful blogger and make money out of it.

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Become A Successful Blogger and Make Money

Become A Successful Blogger and Make Money
How To Become A Successful Blogger and Make Money

Yes we want to get some kind of rewards for our time and hardwork we put on blogging as we spend lots of time in researching about our niche, finding problems of beginner bloggers and giving them the best solution, spending lots of sleepless nights figuring out how to make my blog successful and make lots of money from it, It can be done and many are doing it, so why cant you. Off course you can also make money from your blog but for this you have to show dedication for your blogging and never get demotivated during initial phase of your blogging career, it will take time to see some results.

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No matter you ask this question to any problogger how to make quick money by blogging then everybody will tell you that first make your blog successful and helpful for your readers, gain their trust, help them to solve their problems, write blog post on what they are searching for then automatically your blog will become successful because I have seen this no matter what. Hard work always pays off and you will be also rewarded for your dedication and passion for blogging. So below are few steps to become a successful blogger and make money

Steps To Become A successful Blogger

1) Find problems of your readers and write blog posts for it

2) Show you dedication for blogging by doing blog posts regularly because this will help your blog to get good rankings in search engines and your readers will regularly visit your blog to learn new things and this is the best way to make your blog successful

3) Write about the topic for which your people are searching for and to do this you can use Google keyword tool to do your keyword research

4) Maintain a steady blogging frequency and this is very important to become successful blogger because it's not ideal to do 10 blog posts in a week and then don't publish blog posts for next couple of weeks this is not going to get you the results, You have to publish blog posts regularity and maintain a good blogging frequency. I would suggest to publish 2 blog posts per week and if you can manage to do write more than this you can but keep doing it regularly. This is the key to become a successful blogger

5) You got to have passion for the niche for which you are blogging about unless and until you have the passion for your niche and topic you will get bored and will quit blogging after few months Remember to make money from your blog you must first make it successful and how come if you don't have much knowledge about the niche for which you are blogging about then how can you help people with the optimal solutions

So first find your passion and hobbies and find the topic you really love and can write lots and lots of good quality content without thinking will I make money from my blog. Money will come but your first priority must be to make your blog successful and help your readers to find solutions to their problems and queries.

6) Write quality content and this is the best way to make your blog successful because if your post is of best quality then it will rank higher in search engines so you can drive more visitors to your blog also the more you blog the more authority you will gain in your niche

7) Have patience and this is the key many beginner bloggers generally lose patience after few months of blogging when they don't see the traffic but this is just the initial phase of blogging which everybody has to face but after you survive and cross this time frame you will see better results, It least you must do continues blogging for 1 year then I assure you that you will definitely see good results.

Tips To make money from blogs

Now that you know the essential required to become a successful blogger, next come how to make money from your blog then there are many ways by which you can make money from your blogs but you have to become smart and choose the best way by which you can make money from your blogs.

You cannot apply same monetizing strategy for every blog, each and every blogs can be monetized in different ways like for example a blog about internet marketing will not make much money from adsense because people in this niche are very tech savvy people like you and me and they all know about google adsense so the CTR will be very less but a blog about health and fitness niche will make hugh  money from google adsense. So choose your monetizing strategy smartly

There are plenty of ways by which you can make money by blogging below are few and best ways to make money from your blogs

1) Google adsense
2) Affiliate Marketing
3) Sponsored Posts
4) Sponsored Reviews
5) Direst Advertising
6) Product Sales
7) Providing your own services like SEO, Wordpress setup, selling themes, writing content for others etc

So now you have seen that by above mentioned methods you can easily make good amount of money from your blogs but you have to choose the best way which suits your niche and give good returns. Most of the advertising networks are free to join even you have less amount of visitors coming to your blogs but few requires decent amount of traffic to get accepted in their programs like buysellads. Previously I have written few articles about buysellads it's one of the best ad networks which pays very good

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If you are in technology and internet marketing niche then the best way to make money is by affiliate marketing, in this you promote other people products and services to your visitors and you make a sale then you will get commission for each and every sale that you make. There are many bloggers who are making a fortune by doing affiliate marketing like john chow, zac johnson, lisa irby, darren rowse, jeremy shoemaker, patt flyn and many more

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Don't be dependent on one monetizing plan always try to monetize your blog via different methods to be on safer mode if one gets down you have the backup, I will recommend to monetize your blog by 2 or 3 methods and keep focus on other best ways and don't stick to one advertising network if it doesn't work

You can visit other similar blogs in your niche and see which methods they are using to make money and try to monetize your blog by that methods if it works then good of not you always have the other options of switching to different methods

Start building your email list from the day one because they are your loyal and regular visitors and you can make hugh money by promoting products to them by affiliate marketing but here also whenever you plan to send email to your subscribers don't always think of making money out of it, send few money making email once a week because by this you visitors will not think that you are only after money

Promote good products which you have used and tested by this you can give better explanation to your readers why they should purchase your recommended product. Good way here is to write complete product reviews on your blog

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If you are in internet marketing niche then promoting web hosting and premium themes are best ways to make money from your blogs, There are many big companies like dreamhost, blue host, hostgator which enables publishers to promote their services and make money. And seriously you can make good amount of money by this method

If you writing and SEO skills are good then there are people who will love to hire you for their content generation, you can also do freelancing there are plenty of good sites which have ample of jobs and pay good money like freelance,elance,odesk etc

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If you are good in programming then you can make themes and sell on your blogs also you can provide services like theme customization to your clients and visitors

So friends this were few tips on how to become a successful blogger and make money, if you follow all the above mentioned tips then you can easily make money from your blog and don't get dissapointed if you not make money initially but you will definitely make as you become more experienced blogger, Literally I can write a very long post in this topic but to take it further and tell you exactly how to make money by each methods I will write a dedicated and detailed posts in future So don't forget to subscirbe to get more such money making blogging tips
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Static Page vs Latest Posts For Home page SEO

Static home page vs latest posts (dynamic) for SEO is a very big debate in the world of SEO world and many beginners bloggers usually get confused as what to choose between static home page or latest posts i.e dynamic page for SEO of your blog so that your blog gets good rankings in search engine results and actually I did lots of research in this topic and found few situations when you must change your blog home page to static page or latest posts.

By no means I consider myself as SEO expert but I am sure that you will love this post definitely. Recently I wanted to start another blog but I was confused as it was not ranking good in search engine so I thought what's the reason. Also this is not at all Google ranking factor but in some cases you might consider static home page vs posts page for your blog.

So in this post I am going to share the differences between static page and posts and when you must use static page over dynamic posts page but for those who don't know about these terms lets me first make this clear

Static Home Page vs Latest Blog Posts For SEO

static page vs posts
static page vs blog posts

What is Static page 

A static page is one which does not change very frequently and most of the time the content remains unchanged for quite a while as simple as that.

What is Dynamic page

A Dynamic page as your blog home page is having which keeps on changing as soon as you publish latest posts and it comes to your blog home page with latest posts in descending order. Most of the blogs have dynamic page as compared to static page for their home page or index page

So now that you have understood what is static page and what is dynamic page now we will see when it's ideal to use static home page vs latest posts page for better SEO and search engine rankings

When to use Static page vs Posts

You must use static page when you are writing important pages for your blog like privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions, contact us page on which you don't want your readers to put comments or you to assign them to particular category or tags as you do while writing your blog posts. Mostly these pages stay either in navigation bar, headers and footer of your blog unless and until you don't want to display them as your latest posts which is your homepage then in this case you might consider posts over pages.

Static home page vs latest posts

When to use Static home page vs latest posts for your blog home page which was the main topic of this article then first of all many people have different views on this topic many bloggers and SEO techies tell that static page is good while other say that is more SEO friendly to show latest posts on your home pages. So which is best and what to do in terms of  better SEO of your blog homepage So here I will tell you the best option which it took me a while to understand for my SEO strategies for my other blogs 

You might want to use static home page when you what your visitors to see the same written article no matter they visit after 1 day or after a month also to make it more clear you might want to use static home page when you are selling any product or highlight your services which you are offering or want to promote any specific product 

And what about when keep your blog home page to display latest posts then in this case when you want your visitors to see your latest updates or posts, you might consider posts over static home page when you are not selling any hardcore products or services which you want your readers to see at you home page always. Generally many news sites and blogs must definitely use latest posts over static page for their home page since they will have very frequent updates and news I think this is the best example I can give here.

SEO benefits for rankings blogs for a keyword

This is another scenario when you might get confused between static page or latest posts for your blog especially if you are using wordpress then it's added advantage to use static page for your home page since you can properly use your keywords throughout you article and make your home page more SEO friendly and you can targeted your specific keywords for which you are trying your blog to rank for 

So this might be little bit though when you are using latest posts for your home page since you will be covering various topic around your niche like if you are in authority niche of blogging then you must be covering various topics like blogging tips, SEO, make money online, affiliate marketing , social media marketing etc So your content will be targeting more topics so it will be slightly difficult to rank for a particular keyword.

So friends this was my explanation of static home page vs latest posts for SEO and when you must choose static pages over posts for your blog, I tried to explain to my best and I would love to hear your opinion via comments and what do you think about this topic and I would definitely want to discuss more about this static page vs latest post debate, also don't forget to subscribe and comeback for more SEO tips and tricks
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Why & How To Use Blogger For Business

Since there are so many blogging platform to start blogging so many beginner bloggers start their blog using blogger and not only bloggers many business owners use blogger to give updates about their company. So it make a wise question to ask why to use blogger for business So in this post I am going to show you few benefits of using blogger over other blogging platforms and why blogger can be a good choice for your business to make your blogging much easier and less hectic.As well as how to use blogger to create your first business blog So even if you newbie then don't worry I have written post earlier which you must read blogging tips for beginners

Why To Use Blogger For Business

Benefits Of Why Should You Use Blogger For Business

How to use blogger for business
Why & How to use blogger for business

1) If you are owner of small business then you can use blogger to give updates to your customers regarding the launch of your products and services

2) You don't have to hire any special web designers to develop your website, with just few clicks you can make your website and you don't have to contact your web developers to develop small small things

3) Managing your blog becomes more easy as the blogger have one of the best and simple interfaces and dashboard to create posts, pages, install widget and themes so you don't have to spend lots of hours figuring out how to do certain things while using blogger for business

4) You don't have to pay anything to Google to use blogger to host your blog since blogger is free to use and you can create as many blogs you like 

5) One major advantages of using blogger for business is that you don't need to have a technical background to use blogger even a guy who is computer illiterate can use it easily So you don't require to become coding geek to use blogger

6) You can easily upload your business logos which makes your blog look more professional and even you can remove blogger credit link from footer and Blogger don't have any problem with this, you are free to do any customization to your blog

7) If you have special business deals and offers coming up then you can simply do a blog post about it and your blog subscribers will get the notifications in their email, and this is a cool feature which is endorsed by blogger

8) You can use custom domain for blogger and you don't have to use their subdomains like You can easily purchase and choose a good domain name for your business and redirect your default blogger domain to your custom domain name 

How To Use Blogger For Business

Now that you know that many benefits and why to use blogger for your business now let's see steps required to create your business blog

1) Go to blogger and login with your google username and password since it's product owned by Google and to take you further I have detailed post written for you how to create a free blog using blogger and for those who are beginners I will write a complete detailed post on how to use blogger for beginners which will show you step by step tutorial 

So this was why to use blogger for business so what and why are you waiting for if you own a small business then go and create your first business blog for free, if you have any question and doubts feel free to ask me via comments and I will definitely help you guys. Keep on blogging and continue to use blogger it's great platform to use
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How To Start A Blog For Free and Make Money

How to start a blog for free and make money is my favorite topic and I want to write this post from a very long time because there are many people who want to start a blog for free and earn money from it infact I am always telling my friends to start blogging as it is one of the best ways to make money online few of my friends have already started and I am helping them to build their blogs but this post is for my online friends and many beginners bloggers who don't know how to make money from their blogs. Literally you can start your blog for free in matter of minutes but to make money from it will take some time, I am not saying it's impossible to earn money from your free blog but you have to create quality content for your blog as well as learn some basic SEO tips and tricks and update your blog regularly. This is simple formula for making successful blogs there is no rocket science. I have previously written a complete dedicated blog post for creating a blog

So this post is for all those budding beginner bloggers who don't know how they can earn money from a free blog and this post will definitely help you to start your blog successfully without much hassle So without wasting much time lets see how we can do this. This post can be fairly long since many people who are beginners and who don't know much about this So I will try to explain as much as possible, you can bookmark it to read if you don't have much time to read but if you will read this entire post then surely you will love it

How To Start A Free Blog and Make Money

start free blog and make money
How To Start A Blog For Free and Make Money

Firstly there are 2 best options to start your free blog one is blogger and other is word press both are the best blogging platforms to start blogging we will see why?

Both wordpress and blogger provide great features to create wonderful blog in no time with just few clicks and you are done, you just have to select the domain which will be on their subdomain like or and you don't have to pay anything to them either for hosting nor you have to buy domain name all are free to use 

Now if you are confused between these 2 platfroms and this question will definitely come in your mind which is blogger vs wordpress which is best for blogging. However don't get confused with free wordpress blogs and self hosted wordpress blog, self hosted wordpress blogs are the best there is not second thought in this but for starting a free blog blogger is best. 

Benefits Of Using Blogger Over Wordpress

Even though wordpress and blogger are both best but I personally recommend blogger because of the following reasons

1) Blogger is Google product and Google is big big internet company so your blog will be always up unlike with other blogging platforms

2) You can get adsense approval easily with blogger

3) There are many free blogger themes and widget which are available on blogger itself also you can download it from other sources

4) Simple dashboard which you can manage easily

5) More SEO friendly then wordpress free blogs

6) You can setup custom domain name for blogger blog and redirect your blogspot domain name with your own domain name

Literally the advantages are countless if you choose blogger over wordpress being said that but you have to keep one thing in mind don't post any copied content or stuffs related to adults only, hacking, gambling etc they will simply deleted your blog without any prior notice if they will find it's publishing appropriate content and all your hard work will be gone So always make sure about that you post good and helpful content as far as you are publishing quality content you will not face any problem from either blogger or wordpress

Also it makes wise decision to regularly backup your blogger blog to be on safe side, for this also you can use free Google drive for keeping backups online at the same time you can store in your computer hard disk

Now you will think that why they will delete my blog because you don't own your blog completely you are just using their services and publishing your content, your blog is hosted on their servers they have all the right to discontinue the service anytime but with blogger and wordpress the chances are very less that they will ever going to close this free service

So if you are ready to create your free blog using blogger then I have wonderful post which has all the blogger tips and tricks for beginners to help you learn basics of how to use blogger 

Other Alternatives To Create A Blog For Free

Even though I have recommended to choose blogger to make your free blog but there are other alternatives like there are many free hosting providers which are providing hosting for free, you can simply type in Google 'free web hosting' you will get n number of websites which are providing hosting for free and you don't have to pay a penny to them 

For free web hosting I will recommend It's one of the best free web hosting company which is in this business for a very long time the also have premium hosting for which you have to pay but for free hosting you don't have to pay them any thing However you cannot host your blogger blog on this website only wordpress blog and this website is having one click installation and your blog will be live

So if you are planning to use blog ( free one not self hosted blog ) you can use free webhosting to host your blog so that you can have much better control and own your blog and wordpress cannot delete your blog

How To Make Money From A Free Blog

Now comes the interesting part of how to make from free blog but for this you have to choose blogger instead of free blogs because they don't allow to monetize your blog but if you will choose blogger then you can


Google enables publishers to make money from their blog and websites by putting ads on their blogs and it owns one of the biggest and most popular advertising network called Google adsense. You can signup for free once you think that you have sufficient content on your blog. You can learn more about what is google adsense and how it works

You simply have to signup for Google adsense and wait for few days, adsense team will review your blog and if they will find useful then they will definitely approved your adsense account

After you will get Google adsense approval you can simply copy and paste the code and put Google adsense on your blogger blog now when ever anyone will click on your Google adsense ads you will earn money from it as simple as that you don't have to promote anything nor you need to sell anything to anybody to earn money from your free blog

To make more money from your free blog you must smartly place your adsense ads so that many people will click on your adsense ads and you can increase your google adsense click through rate ( CTR ) and you will earn more money so you have to place your adsense ads on the top of your blog so that it get maximum exposure and more click which will ultimately earn you more money, you can read this article which will show you best Google adsense placement tips

You can make hugh money from your free blog if you blog becomes successful and there are not limits on how much you can make money from google adsense Being said that you can make decent money form free blog using google adsense but this does not mean that you must click on your adsense ads, Google will simply ban your adsense account and you don't want this neither me nor do anyone.

Once you get banned from Google adsense it's very hard to get your adsense account approval again So never click on your own adsense nor do tell your friends and family members to click on your ads. If you blog is good enough people will automatically click on your ads. Just focus on building your blog and creating quality content and the money will follow.

Other Ways To Earn Money With Your Free Blogs

You are not limited to use only Google adsense to earn money from your blog there are literally thousands of other ways to make money from your blog like

2) Sponsored Posts
3) Direct Advertising
4) Sponsored Reviews
5) Other Advertising Network
6) Selling Services and Products etc

Literally there many ways to make money from your free blog but these are few other ways to earn money from your blog apart from Google adsense but to make money form these methods you must first make your popular blog and then you can later move on these methods. So you are not just limited to use Google Adsense to earn money and the limit is endless about how much money you can make from blogging. I know few bloggers who are making Hugh amount of money and they are not doing any 9 to 5 job they have even left their job and became full time blogger but to reach at this level and quit your 9 to 5 job you must first make your blog popular

I know how exciting this sounds to work at home at your own comfort and still earn money but for this you have to work hard, if you will keep on blogging consitent for 2 years then you can surely achieve this dream also many have done this and you can also. It's not that hard

So friends this was how to start a blog for free and make money,  I hope you like this post and if you do then don't forget to share with your friends, co workers and family members and let them know about how to create a free blog and make money from it. Now you can sense that how you can change your life from just starting a free blog guys I can literally written 10,000 words for this topic but this cannot be done So I am wrapping it up if you do have queries and any question you can ask me via comments. Keep on blogging guys
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How To Remove URL From Google Index Search Engine

To remove website or webpage URL from google index or search engine results page then you have to do few things in order to remove your url from google index, now you must be thinking that the more pages my websites or blog has it better because content is king and the more content your website has the more traffic you will get but what if most of your webpages are not accessible or are returning 404 error page not found well this will annoy your visitors as well as affect your SEO and google search engine rankings.

Also there can be many other reasons why your want to remove url from google index, like there are few scenarios mentioned below which may want you to remove your webpage from google search results

1) You have deleted the page from your blog or website
2) Google search engine indexed the page which you don't want to show in google search results
3) You personal information is showing in search results which is very confidential and you don't want anyone to see that information
4) You have changed the url of your webpage and want to remove the outdated url from search engine So that Google index the new webpage url

Here the cases can be numerous but whatever might be the case it's always better to remove url's from google index which you don't feel is required So in this post I am going to show you how to remove url from google index completely and for this we are gong to use Google webmaster removal tool

Remove URL From Google Index Search Engine

Remove URL from Google Index
Remove URL from Google Index Search Engine

1) First of all visit google webmaster tools and sign in, To remove url from google index using webmaster tools you might have verified website in google webmaster tool only then you will be able to send removal request 

2) Now select the website form which you want to remove the page and on the next screen you will see site dashboard where you will have many other options

3) Click on Google Index then Remove URL's as shown below

Remove URL Google Index Search Engine
Remove URL From Google Search Engine Index

4) Now on next screen Enter the url which you want to remove from google index search results the click on Continue

Remove URL From Google Index
Remove URL From Google Index Search Engine
5) On next screen you have three options, but for this we will select the first option which is remove page from search results and cache then click on submit request button

Remove URL From Google Index

6) After clicking on submit request you can see the status of your removal request as shown below which is showing pending status but google will take some time to complete your request after successful removal the status will change from pending to Completed

Remove URL From Google Index

So this was how to remove url from google index search results and this is a very handy tool which is implemented in google webmaster tools to enable publishers to easily remove unwanted url from google index So go and find all the webpages url from your website and remove them easily from google webmaster tools ! Keep on blogging
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BuySellAds VS Adsense

Buysellads VS Adsense is one of the most frequently asked questions amount bloggers who are thinking to try buysellads if they are not making enough money from google adsense. If you are newbie blogger and don't know much about buysellads then you can read the review of buysellads, It's considered as one of the best google adsense alternatives and there are many big bloggers who are using buysellads to make money from their blog and websites.

BuySellAds VS Adsense
Google Adsense VS Buysellads

There might be many reasons why you are comparing adsense vs buysellads, it might be because you are not making much money from google adsense and thinking to give buysellads a try to see if your blog will make more income or you might be confused to whether use buysellads or adsense to monetize your blog or website.

See first of all let me make this point very clear that Google adsense is one of the best ad network in the market and it's far ahead from any other advertising company since there are many big websites who are using Google adsense to make money but in few cases you might want to look out for alternatives if you don't have approved google adsense account or want to fill some empty ad slots or to simply not depend on one source of income which is very smart choice. We must always diversify our blog income streams as we don't know at what time what will happen

Like few years back in 2012 many MFA ( made for adsense ) sites were penalized by panda update for heavily using adsense ads even I also got effected for one of my websites which was making decent income from adsense So it's better to not solely depend on one source of income Thus in this post I am going to share comparison between Google adsense VS Buysellads.

Google Adsense VS Buysellads

Advantages of Google adsense over Buysellads

1) With buysellads you need to set the montly price for your ad slots which is not the case with google adsense, the amount of money you will make will totally decided by google adsense

2) It is very difficult to get accepted by buysellads since they are only accepting high quality websites whereas you can easily get approved adsense account.

3) Google adsense will diplay ads according to the content of your article which increases the chances of getting more click whereas with buysellads the banners will be the same for all your blog posts  which are result in low CTR rates

4) With buysellads you must generate at least 50k monthly impressions whereas with adsense there is not such limitations

5) With Google adsense you don't know exacly how much you will make in this month but with buysellads you can as you predefine your income

Advantages of Buysellads over Adsense

1) With buysellads you will get revenuse share of 75% but with google adsense you will get only 68% of income

2) Buysellads don't ban publishers account frequently but Adsense team are very strict rules and regulations and you can easily get banned from google adsense if you don't follow any of their terms and conditions

3) With buysellads you will exactly know how much money you will make this month with you cannot predict with google adsense this is major plus point of using buysellads

4) To withdraw the money with google adsense you need to complete the minimum payment threshold of 100$ but with buysellads you can withdraw the money your account has 20$

Google Adsense VS Buysellads -  By Which ad network I can make more money?

So you must have got fair ideas and advantages of using either program to make money from your blog but from my personal experience there are many niches which does not make enough money from google adsense like blog and websites on internet marketing and make money online niches so buysellads can be best ad networks for these niches to make decent amount of income

Because the audience to make money online niches and internet marketing niches are very tech savvy people and they know these are ads and they are completely ad blind so you can not going to get much click on your adsense ads but with buysellads you don't need visitors to click on your ads to make money, you can going to make money based on how much impression your get

But for other niches Google adsense works like charm you can earn 5 figure income by google adsense itself So it totally depends on your niche

So friends this was a comparison post on Buysellads VS Adsense, what do you think which ad network is better to make money share your thoughts and views about this topic via comments and Keep Blogging!
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How To Get Approved BuySellAds Tips & Tricks

To get approved Buysellads account you have to do some serious work and blogging because buysellads is one of the best direct advertising ad network for bloggers which pays handsome amount of money to their publishers. If you don't know much about buysellads then let me tell you that buysellads is premium marketplace for publishers and bloggers to sell ad space on their blogs and websites and advertisers can buy ads to get more business, leads and exposure. Previously I have written a complete buysellads review which you must read if you don't know much about it.
Get Approved Buysellads
How To Get Approved Buysellads Tips Tricks 

There are many beginner bloggers who frequently ask tips and tricks to get buysellads approval So in this post I am going to share few tricks to get accepted by buysellads ad network. Why many bloggers are striving hard to get buysellads approval is that once you get accepted in their network you blog will be explored in their marketplace which is seen by many advertisers to advertise their products and services and thus you can make good amount of money, I have seen many bloggers like of and who are making decent income form buysellads.

Also few consider buysellads as the best alternative to google adsense and specially for internet marketing niche it is because in this niche you not going to make much money from google adsense.  So it's worth to get accepted in their network.

BuySellAds Approval Tips & Tricks -

Buysellads account approval requirements

Below are few tips and tricks by which you can easily get accepted by buysellads ad network

1) First of all you must own a custom top level domain like .com,.net,.org etc to get accepted by buysellads so if you are using or then first buy a top level domain and then apply for buysellads as they don't accept blog which are using subdomains.

2) Your blog design must be neat, clean and should not look cluttered so it's best to stay with simple design and layout.

3) Update your blog regularly to get approved by buysellads as they prefer blogs which are frequently updated. so try to be more consistent with your blogging as you will get more traffic and it will increase the chances to get buysellads approval pretty fast.

4) If you are using adsense or any other ads on your blog then before applying for it you must make sure that your blog don't look overloaded with ads this will reduce the chances to get approved buysell account. The best trick here is to remove all the ads while applying once you get accepted by buysellads then afterwards you can put few ads of your choices as well.

5) Your blog or website must have good amount of traffic like minimum of 50,000 pageviews per month, So if your blog is fairly new then first concentrate to increase your blog traffic and then apply for it otherwise you will get rejected by them. Also don't buy traffic to your blog because they are useless and this will not help to get buysellads approval.

6) Your blog must be free from any errors like page not found, under construction etc So before applying for it make sure that your blog is error free.

7) Make sure that your blog is reachable through www and non www version also make sure that it's up during the time of submission as they don't approve blog or websites which are not accessable.

8) Your blog must be in the niche like technology, web desing or web development as they approve blog or websites which are in this niche as they are in great demand and advertisers frequently look to advertise on these blog niches.

9) Your blog must not promote any adult, hacking stuffs or unauthorized content and it must be original and not copied from other sources.

If you are being rejected by buysellads approval team this does not mean that you cannot apply in future sure you can but before applying make sure that you meet all their requirements.

So these are few requirements to get accepted by buysellads, I am sure that there are many bloggers who desperately want's to get buysellads approval and these tips and tricks will definitely help you to get approved buysellads account if you will meet all the above mentioned requirements. Also below is the official video of buysellads which will help you to know more about buysellads.

So hope you liked this post of how to get approved buysellads account, what is your experience with buysellads do let me know through comments and also share few tips and tricks which helped your to get accepted by buysellads! Keep Blogging.
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BuySellAds Review: Direct Advertising Ad Network For Bloggers

Buysellads ad network is one of the best ways to make money with blog and it's one of the most lucarative ways to make money blogging.There are many bloggers out there who always search for best google adsense alternatives and if you are one of them then let me tell you that you must try buysellads because it's best way to monetize your blog.

Earlier I have written how to make money with Google adsense which is another popular advertising platform from google to make money blogging but I wanted to tell many bloggers who are unhappy with adsense also newbie bloggers who find hard to get excepted in their program and for experienced bloggers also get banned easily from their program

Buysellads review
BuySellAds Network Review
Well I am not critisizing adsense but for few niches adsense works wonderfully but for others it might not, including mine which is internet marketing blog, make money online niches but luckily there are many other ways by which we can make money and buysellads is one of the best ways to make money online.

So in this post I am going to write buysellads review which will give you an idea how buysellads work and what are their requirement to get accepted in their advertising network since they are very strict in approving websites in their marketplace

BuySellAds Review - Best Direct Advertising Ad Network

1) What is Buysellads?

Buysellads  is opterating since 2008 and is it's an advertising network where publishers and advertisers meet with each other to buy sell ads i.e publishers like bloggers and webmasters can sell ads spaces on their blog and websites and adversiters will buy ad slots from publishers as simple as that. There are more than 12,000+ advertisers and 1,500 publihers in their network which makes it one of the biggest marketplace to buy sell ads.

2) Why to use Buysellads and why it's worth using?
Buysellads is one of the most popular direct advertising ad network for bloggers since google adsense works will most of the niches but with certain niches like internet marketing you are not going to make much less money from adsense since all the visitors know about ads so here buysellads comes into action instead of keeping your ad inventory empty it's better to use buysellads to make good amount of passive income from your blog.

3) Is Buysellads free to use?

Absolutely buysellads is free to use you don't have to pay them to get accepted in their ad network but as a publisher you must first have an approved buysellads account to be included in their large marketplace also they will keep a percentage of amount from your money which is 25% when advertisers buy ads slots on your blog or website.

4) Buysellads For Advertisers

For Advertisers buysellads is great source to find potential bloggers and webmasters to promote their products and services by placing ads on publishers blog and websites. They simply have to select the blog in they are interested and might think that can give more exposure to their products and services and then buy the ad spot provided by the publishers for a certain amount of fee.

5) Buysellads For Publishers

For Publishers like bloggers and webmaster we simply have to submit our best blogs to their marketplace and when any advertiser find our blog interesting they can buy your mentioned ad spots for a fee. The fee is decided by the blog owner or webmaster. But prior to this they have to get an approval from buysellads team to approve their blog so that their blogs can be listed in their marketplace.

6) Payment System

Buysellads payment system is very secure and guaranteed and you don't need to do any hassale for this, they will do it for you. As a blogger once your ad slot is sold the advertiser will pay the amount and that amount will be there in buysellads until your wish to withdraw them.

There are 2 methods currently one is paypal and other is wire transfer. Many bloggers must be knowing these payment methods as these are most common ways to send or recieve money online and Paypal is most secure payment system

So you don't need to worry that you will not get the payment in time!you will definitely but as said earlier buysellads cut's a commission of 25% which is fairly good as they are taking care of all the process of bringing advertisers to your end and It will save a lots of time for us.

With wire transfer minimum threshold is $500 which means you can withdraw money only after when you buysellads account has a balance of $500  and above.

7) How to apply for Buysellads direct advertising ad network?

No matter you are blogger (publisher) or advertiser to apply for buysellads account is very easy process

a) Simply go to 

b) Click on either advertiser or publisher tab and then click Get started button

c) If you are a blogger or webmaster then you have to fill a form with few details about yourself and about your blog then click submit.

d) After this you have to wait for few days to get the notifications about your application of whether your blog is accepted or rejected. If you are rejected then don't think that you cannot apply for it again, you can definitely apply again after improving your blog traffic.

Since buysellads is very popular ad network for direct advertising, many bloggers find hard to get accepted in their marketplace so in the next post I am going to share few tips on how to get buysellads ad network approval So stay tuned.

I hope this buysellads review will be helpful for those who know less about this popular direct advertising network. So what do you think about this ad network have to ever applied for it, what happend and what are your experiences with buysellads network please share via comments! Thanks and keep Blogging
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How To Put Google Adsense Below Post Title In Blogger

If you are confused and don't know how to put GoogleAdsense below post title in blogger blog then this post will tell you how you can put your adsense ads below post title of your blog post It is good to have ads below the title because it will increase the ctr of your adsense ads and thus you will earn more revenue from your adsense ads. Also many adsense gurus have experimented and observed that by putting adsense below post title will increase your google adsense earnings because this will give more exposure to your adsense ads as compared if your put somewhere else on your blog sidebar where visitors have least attention and there are chances that they will simply read your content and leave so best practice to is opt for best adsense placement spots to make more money from google adsense

Advantages of putting Google adsense below post title in blogger

 Put Google Adsense Below Post Title Blogger
 Put Google Adsense Below Post Title Blogger

Putting adsense ads just below your blog post title will increase your CTR rates which will increase your adsense earnings
  1. Your ads can be more likely to be clicked by visitors if they can see it and many bloggers and webmaster opt this technique to increase the CTR rates
  2. Its one the best place to put your adsense ads because its aligned along your content area where visitors have the most of their attention
  3. One advice to blend your ads to your blog layout colors this will make your ads not look like ads and visitors might think that it is the part of the content
  4. Suggested adsense size- Medium rectangle (300 x 250)  or  Banner (468 x 60)

How To Put Adsense Below Post Titles In Blogger

1. Preparing Adsense ad code

1. Log in to Google Adsense (opens in  tab/window) to create a new ad unit.
2. For best results choose wide ad size -either 300x250 Medium Rectangle or 336x250 Large Rectangle format. Make sure you assign a new ad channel to it for performance monitoring purposes.
3. When the setup is complete, you will be given a code.
4. Run the code through an HTML parser tool to escape special characters in the code. The ad won’t appear if you use the original unescaped ad code.
5. Copy the escaped code.

2. Adding ad code to the template

1 : Go to layout section of your blogger template and then navigate to EDIT HTML sub tab.
2. Backup Your Template.
3. Check the “Expand Widget Templates “.
2 : Find The Following Tag and paste the encoded adsense code above following tag.

or if you are not able to find the above code try to find <div class='post-header-line-1'/> and paste your Adsense code after it
Now click on Save the go to your blog refresh and I hope now your google adsense ads will appear below your blog post title

Well these are 2 simple steps to put google adsense below post title in blogger, I hope that with above mentioned trick you can easily add Google adsense below post titles in your blogger blog and if you face any problem then do ask me via comments
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Importance Of Web Hosting Services

If you don't know the importance of good web hosting services for your blog or business then in this post I will discuss about this topic of web hosting services. Lot of newbie bloggers don't understand the importance of having good web hosting services and they under estimate this which is not good thing to do. Web hosting is one of the most important factors which has to be taken seriously if you want to make your blog successful or to get more business So below are few points which will tell you the importance of web hosting

Importance Of Good Web Hosting Services

Importance Of Web Hosting Services
Importance Of Web Hosting Services
1) As a blogger we work so much hard and dedicate time for blogging and we want our blog to be always up and running but what if your blog suddenly goes down and becomes inaccessible. You will lose all the visitors, money and sales. Also our visitors get addicted to our blogs and they daily visit to read more interesting articles. Literally there are many blogs which I personally visit daily for reading fresh and new content. So this is good reason to choose good web hosting services for your blog so that your blog is always accessible

I would recommend hostgator for this as its one of the best web hosting company which provides good support as well

2) You must be storing all your critical information either on your computer or by using any online file hosting services like cloudwedge or dropbox why because you don't want to lose them and you want to keep them safe so that if your pc crashes you can recover them similarly web hosting services keeps your blog files safe and secure

Read - mypcbackup reviews

3) If you are selling your product or services online then choosing best web hosting services becomes more vital as even if your website is down for 1 hour you can lose lot of money and customers and this is the main reason that big brands are spending so much money on good web hosting services

4) Many newbie bloggers opt for free hosting which is not bad if you are a hobby blogger or just blogging for fun but if you are in serious business then you must not choose free web hosting because they can delete your blog anytime without any prior notice which can be tragic for you

5) While choosing web hosting services for your blog you must make sure that they have good support, I have seen some web hosting companies who are so lazy and are careless about their customers. You must choose web hosting company which has good reputation in the market as well as good support team to sort out your problems

6) Many web hosting company claim to provide unlimited bandwidth which is not true and you can either charge you money or simply shutdown your blog if your blog is bothering their resources a lot. This is the trick played by many web hosting companies to make more money so don't fall for this So always do proper research about the web hosting company which you select for your blog

7) To get ideas about whether a particular web hosting company is good or not you can read reviews on the internet as there are many good review blogs which give true and honest reviews about their hosting services

So friends this were few points on importance of web hosting services, I hope you like this post and I also want to hear what you think about this topic that whether it is important or not to have good and reliable web hosting services for your blog or business.
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