Saturday, September 20, 2014

How To Automatically Tweet Blog Posts On Twitter

Automatically tweeting blog posts on Twitter will save you lot of time as well as it will reduce the headache to manually go to twitter and tweet your blog posts over there it's really tedious task to do and twitter is one of the biggest social media sites which can drive lot's of free traffic to your blog . Personally I feel so tired to tweet manually about my latest posts on twitter after writing my lengthy blog posts but its important to promote your blog posts on social media sites like twitter to increase blog traffic and to increase twitter followers. Even though there are many websites which provide this feature to automatically tweet blog posts on twitter but this trick is really very easy and you have to do it one time and forget, you don't have to manually tweet your blog posts on twitter it will happen automatically So exactly how?

Auto Tweet Blog Posts
Automatically Tweet Blog Posts On Twitter
You must be using feedburner feed to syndicate your content to allow your readers to read your latest posts so the trick is you can use feedburner to automatically tweet your blog posts on twitter as feedburner is free to use it's handy service to automatically tweet blog posts So lets see how to auto tweet blog post to twitter and its very easy too

Auto Tweet Blog Posts To Twitter Using Feedburner

1) Log in to feedburner

2) Now choose the blog for which you want to auto tweet blog posts on twitter

3) Click on Publicize tab then Socialize as shown in below screen shot

Auto Tweet Blog Posts
Auto Tweet Blog Posts On Twitter

3) Now click on Add a Twitter account as shown above and feedburner will take you twitter to authorize your credentials so put your twitter username and password and click on Authorize app as shown in below image and twitter will again redirect you to feedburner

Auto Tweet Blog Posts
Automatically Tweet Blog Posts On Twitter

4) You can also see the preview of your blog posts tweets how it will appear on twitter with few other formatting options So final step is to click Save button and you are done

How To Auto Tweet Blog Posts
How To Auto Tweet Blog Posts Using Feedburner

Auto Tweet Blog Posts
How To Auto Tweet Blog Posts On Twitter

So friends this was how to auto tweet blog posts on twitter using Google feedburner service see how simple it is to automatically tweet your latest blog posts on twitter without anything to do manually using free service like feedburner, if you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more blogging tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging
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Friday, September 19, 2014

How To Setup Feedburner Feed For Blogger

Setting up feedburner for blogger is one of the most important thing to do for any blogger to increase your blog traffic and develop loyal readership for your blog, what feedburner feed does is that whenever you publish new content on your blog then automatically that content will be syndicated to feedburner where your readers can easily read by subscribing to your blog which in my next post I will show how to setup email subscription using feedburner, Feedburner is Google product and its free to use so why not to use even though there are many other free services similar to feedburner but I would recommend using feedburner for blogger blog

Setup Feedburner For Blogger
Setup Feedburner Blogger
Many beginner bloggers get confused or don't know how to setup feedburner for blogger blog but it not that hard its very simple and easy so without wasting much of your precious time lets see how to create feedburner for blogger blog

Setup Feedburner Feed For Blogger 

1) Go to Google Feedburner and sign in using your Google account

2) Next type your blog address or your default feed address in text box below 'Burn a feed right this intant' 
*Your default feed address is like - 
*And for blogspot domain is like -
* For blog address type complete address like or
3) So after typing your blog address click on Next Button as shown below

Setup Feedburner For Blogger
How To Setup Feedburner For Blogger

4) On next screen you may receive a message so check on 2nd radio button for RSS and click Next

Setup Feedburner For Blogger
 5) Now on next screen give your feed a title and feedburner URL which we will later use for redirecting your default blogger feed to feedburner feed So after entering your title and url name click Next

Setup Feedburner For Blogger
Setup Feedburner For Blogger

6) On next screen you will see Congrats message which states that your feedburner feed for blogger blog is not ready and live

Setup Feedburner For Blogger

7) After this you can further customize your feedburner feed or directly to feed management page So click Next

Setup Feedburner For Blogger

8) And finally you will see Success message as below

Redirect Blogger feed to your FeedBurner Feed-

Now that you have successfully created your feedburner feed for blogger using feedburner next we will redirect default blogger feed to feedburner feed

1) So log in to your blogger dashboard then click on Settings << Other and enter your feedburner feed URL as shown below

Setup Feedburner For Blogger
How To Setup Feedburner For Blogger

2)  Now click on Save Setting button at top right that's it you have successfully redirected your blogger feed to feedburner feed

So friends this was how to setup feedburner for blogger if you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogger tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging
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Solved - Don't Track My Pageviews Blogger Doesn't Work

Don't track your own pageviews is the error which has irritated many blogger users as they are unable to stop tracking their own pageviews in blogger stats and many blogger users are frustrated by this problem and offical blogger team is unable to sort out this issue, What this does that for example if your blog receives 1000 pageviews then in these pageviews your own views are also counted with does not give you clear stats about exactly how many pageviews your blog really gets 

So its very important to solve this issue literally I was also facing the problem I tried to solve this problem since long time, while going through Google forums and other places few were saying that It happening with custom domain names and it works fine with domain, Also many were saying that clear your cookies but it doesn't work  So I tried to dig into to find the solution to all my blogger users and finally I got a solution to solve this problem of don't track my pageviews for Blogger and I will share a trick to stop tracking your own pageviews in blogger stats

Don't Track Your Own Pageviews Not Working - Solution

Don't Track My Pageviews Blogger
Solution - Don't Track My Pageviews Doesn't Work

First let me show you how to do this with blogger default domain name and then I will show you how to solve this problem for custom domain names as this problem happens with blogger blogs with custom domain names So lets start this trick

For default domain name

1) Log in to your Blogger Dashboard then click on Stats

2) Then click on Don't track your own pageviews a popup will open so select Don't track my pageviews option and click Save and That's it

Don't Track My Pageviews Blogger
Don't Track My Pageviews Blogger

For Custom domain name

1) Log in to your Blogger Dashboard

2) If you do the above mentioned steps on custom domain name then you will get similar error message

Don't Track My Pageviews Blogger

3)  Now copy the below mentioned URL in your brower address bar and hit enter

4) You will see the below success message which states that was success

Don't Track My Pageviews Blogger

5) Now go into your dashboard << stats and now click on Don't track your own pageviews and click Save

 6) Done !! Now your own pageviews will not be tracked in blogger stats so go ahead and check

So friends it took really long time to solve and find solution to this probem and if you like this post of Don't track your own pageviews then please share with other blogger users who are unable to sort out this problem and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogger tips and tricks ! Keep using blogger
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

7 Most Profitable Niches For Blogging

Bloggers and Webmasters are always in search  for most profitable niches for blogging and yes there is nothing wrong in it as we all know we need profits in results for the time we invest in blogging, Profitable niches can yield you good amount of money in long run in fact you can make huge money out of those blogs but the main concern is that whether you will succeed in whatever your endeavors are, There are many bloggers out there who are making heck lots of money and making huge profits from their blog either by using Google adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling services, Consulting, Coaching etc But I want to tell you before getting into the topic of most profitable niches for blogging is that blogging is great way to make money online and many youngsters are getting attracted towards it but only few are able to reach their goal of making profits from their blogging

Most Profitable Niches For Blogging
Most Profitable Niches For Blogging

To Start a blog is not a rocket science nor it's a big deal you can literally start a free blog on blogger and you are off but the main test comes to sustain that motivation to blog for many years to come, Blogging will not make you rich overnight you have to kick you a** off to get to that point but the good point is that once you are at that podium nobody can stop you, Usually many beginner bloggers start blogging thinking to make a living out of it but their lack of patience get them down to quit blogging after few months Remember you must be passionate about blogging to become successful

So First I want to tell you that take a piece of paper and jot down you hobbies and then research about it whether there is demand for this niche in the market or not if not then drop that and proceed to next  Another thing you have to ask yourself that are you dedicated enough to keep on blogging for many days to come without making a money form it then that is your niche to blog about provided you got to have great deal of information about that topic and that particular niche is profitable and to help you get some ideas I am sharing top 7 most profitable niches for blogging which can make you good amount of money

Most Profitable Niches For Blogging

1) Health & Fitness - This is my personal favorite in fact I am going to start a fitness blog very soon, No matter in continent you are in which country you are the demand for health and fitness niches will remain forever after all who doesn't want to stay fit and healthy Don't you? huh And there are lots of micro niche topics for blogging like Weight loss tips, Fitness Tips, Bodybuilding Tips, Health remedies and issues So this is by far one of my favorite to blog for profit and you can make good amount of money from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing by selling exercise equipment's, food supplements So it has Hugh potential

2) Technology -  Technology has gone way beyond our imagination now a days every day new gadgets pop up everyday like mobiles phones, tablets, iPad, iPhones, digital cameras etc and there is great demand for this niche in this ever growing techno world But many people consider it as overcrowded nice for blogging but one thing I would like to tell you guys that if you having passion about any topic then start blogging and don't listen to these hawkers, If you are good enough then there are enough people who will love to read what you have to say,You can make money by Google adsense, Affiliate marketing by recommending gadgets, sponsored posts etc

3) Love & Relationship -  This is another great niche to start blogging about who doesn't want to have happy relationship and live a loving live with their loved ones I am sure you want and I also so you can start blogging about giving love and relationship tips and how to maintain a healthy relation with you spouse or with their girlfriends and not to ignore this is hot topic Google adsense is considered as one of the best ways to make money from this niche and you can get good amount of clicks

4) Fashion and Beauty - We are living in 20th century with all the latest fashion and trends oozing daily and especially girls you must be knowing that no matter how costly beauty product you recommend them they are going to throw the money to buy it, you can definitely make handsome amount of money in fashion and beauty niches Also you can make good amount of money by Google adsense and referring various fashion accessories and beauty products

5) Education - Education niches can also turn into profitable niche since many students want to learn educational stuffs online and the competition is moderate enough for you to tap in and you can make handsome bucks with Adsense as most people are not that much internet savvy and they don't know much about ads and you can get high CTR and CPC

Many times I have seen my friends clicking on adsense ads or affiliate ads on education blogs while I quietly watch them and they really click on ads with any second thought so you can make good profits if you smartly plan adsense placement tips

6) Internet Marketing - And finally the niche in which I am in is internet marketing and again you can make generate income by referring affiliate products which will be useful for your readers, by providing your services like SEO services, Coaching, Consulting,sponsored posts, reviews and web hosting affiliate programs but sadly from adsense you will have hard time to make money since all the visitors will be highly technical and internet savvy surfers which are literally ad blind and personally I never had clicked on adsense units because I know what are they because I am also in their shoes but there are lot many other ways by which you can make decent profits from this niche

So friends this was my top 7 most profitable niches for blogging and if you have any doubt or want to discuss anything regarding other profitable niches for blogs then you can discuss via comments and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Best Guide : Google Adsense Placement Tips

Best Adsense placement can yield you more money and revenue but you have to optimize and make your ads more targeting to get more click and increase your CTR but many fail and don't realise the fact that to make more money from Google Adsense you have to optimize it so that they get more exposure which will eventually results in more clicks. Also many beginner blogger simply think that just to slap Google adsense ads they are going to earn more money but after some time they realise it's not that much easy

Also there are few Google adsense policy which you have to strictly obey to not get banned from adsense and you have make sure that don't ever try to cheat google by using any clicking bots or don't participate in any ad clicking exchange programs to be on safer side
So in this post I am writing this complete guide to best adsense placement tips and how to make your adsense ads more targetable to generate more income

Google Adsense Placement Tips Guide

Google Adsense Placement Tips
Guide :  Best Google Adsense Placement Tips

1) Ads Above Fold - This is best tips to increase adsense revenue, you have to place your google ads above fold to get more click and this will significantly improve your CTR ( Click Through Rate). Also many adsense guru's abide by this rule and they have seen drastic improvement in their adsense income because it give more exposure to your adsense ads as compared to ads placed below the fold. But you have to keep one thing in mind that Google has penalized some websites post panda update due to heavy adsense placement above the fold which forces the users to scroll down to read the content and this is not good as if you are giving more priority to ads as compared to the content for which the readers are visiting your blog so make it less crowded with ads

2) Align and Wrap Ads - To overcome the above problem one tactic you can do is to align your ad units so that there is no chance for Google to think that you are giving more importance to ads as compared to your content. You can either left or right align adsense to your content and which will definitely improve your CTR

3) Best Adsense Units - Official Adsense team has stated that to generate more revenue you must choose best performing adsense ads and they have recommended 300*250 medium rectangle, 336*280 Large rectangle, 160*600 Skyscrapper and 728*90 Leaderboard which are best performing adsense ads

4) Google Heatmap - Refer Google Adsense heatmap to get the ideas as best place to put adsense ads and you can get good idea which will definitely improve your CTR and you can also see that Google recommends placing your ad units above the fold

Google Adsense Placement Tips
Google Adsense Placement Guide

5) Ads on each scroll -  You can also opt this placement tip to place your ads units for each scroll the user does which means that you have to place one ad unit for each time the readers scrolls which enables him to see your adsense ads throughout the time he is reading the content which will have greater chance of getting the ads clicked

6) Layout Tactics - Below are few layout which you can choose for your google adsense placements

a) You can place 728*90 leader board below navigation menu

b) You can place 336*280 large rectangle or 300*250 medium rectangle below title or below blog post where you content ends

c) You can place 160*600 scyscrapper in sidebar or same you can either choose from large rectangle or medium rectange in sidebars

d) You can place leaderboard aligned right to your blog logo which works best for impatience readers who just land on your blog see your logo and your adsense units attracts them

*Note - You have to try and test yourself which layouts and tactics works best and which ad units yields more clicks because every blog layout is different and the best thing you can do is to test one layout for 1 or 2 weeks if not works well switch to other layout and keep on testing unless you are satisfied with the CTR

So friends these are best adsense placement tips to increase your CTR and revenue, if you like this adsense placement guide then please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more such Google adsense tips and tricks.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Google Ranking Factors SEO Checklist

Google has over 200 search engine ranking factors SEO checklist which effects the ranking of your website or blog in search engines as of 2014, All of these algorithms are not sophisticated but they have been implemented by Google to make Internet a better place for users to find quality websites and content which are useful However Google does not disclose these ranking factors because there are many spammers out there to just sneak in the Google algorithms and start gaming their system So Google keep these search engine ranking factors in their briefs

Google Ranking Factors SEO Checklist
Google Ranking Factors 2014 SEO Checklist

We all want our websites or blogs to have good rankings in search engine results but for that you have to SEO optimize your blogs to get higher rankings as well as good amount of traffic from search engines, We cannot just make our blog to be 100% SEO optimized as per Google standards but we can actually work in this scenario to make our websites as SEO optimized as possible So in this post I am going to show you few important Google Ranking factors SEO checklist of 2014 which you can apply to your blogs to get good search engine rankings

Google Ranking Factors 2014 SEO Checklist

1) Keyword In Title - You have to make sure that you have your main keywords in your title tags which Google give more weight age in terms of SEO and Title tag is one of the most prominent place which Google looks while scanning your webpages and ranking them So put your main keywords in title tags also try to place keywords at the beginning of title then at the ending of your title

Google Ranking Factors SEO Checklist
Google Ranking Factors SEO Checklist

2) Domain Names- Make sure that you have keywords in the domain name because It has added SEO advantage as compared to domain names which don't have keywords in it and don't use hypens to separate two words, Why this is important is the because if you look at other generic domains then you cannot know what their websites or blog is all about unless and until you read their content similarly Google does and having keywords in your domain name gives your readers as well as Google the glimpse of what is your website all about

3) Domain registration -  Most spam website do tend to vanishes after few months or a year So Google does take into account the domain registration length which proves that you are in long term aspect wanna be have some serious plans So try to register domain name for more than 2 years if possible

3) Keywords In URL -  You must have keywords in your article URL which has added SEO advantage and try to keep it short and SEO friendly URL to make it look more legitimate but don't just keyword stuff you URL and make it look spammy which is not good and Google will not give your better ranking in search engines

4) Exact Match Domains - If you manage to get exact match domain for your business then you are fortunate enough and it has the potential to rank well in search engines but you have to make sure that you provide the quality and justify your domain name properly otherwise you are likely to see the adverse effects 

5) SEO Optimized Content - Make sure to have your keywords or key phrases in the content section of your articles because from SEO point of view you pages will get ranked high and Google can easily determine what your web page is all about which will boost your rankings but again do overdo it use smartly throughout your content and don't forget to use it in between first 100 character's as well as at the ending 

6)  Kewyords In Description and H1 Tags - Make sure to have yours in Description and H1 heading tags which SEO optimized your content as well as the description is what which is shown in search results as snippets from your content So try to write the best meta description for each and every page of your website

7) Length Of Articles - Typically a longer articles tends to get good rankings in search engines as compared to short articles So try to write useful, long and quality content

8) Duplicate Content - Google simply hates duplicate content and will simply penalize that website for having duplicate content so never copy and paste articles from other resources as Google is smart enough to identify which is original and which are scrapped from other places

9) Fresh Content - This is considered as one of the most vital Google search engine ranking factors and as of 2014 still has given most priority in terms of ranking websites because Google loves fresh and regularly updated contents no body want stale stuff and you can significantly improve your SERP's by frequently updating your websites with fresh and unique content

10) Inbound and Outbound links - You must have heard of backlinks I am sure that you have then all the inbound links which your websites gets is considered as vote and it signals Google that people are liking your content and they are useful and this can drastically improve the rankings but another thing which is important here is quality of inbound and outbound links which mostly influences the SEO benefits and ranking factors So keep track of the backlinks which you are linking to or you have been linked with

So friends this was brief and some important Google Ranking Factors SEO checklist of 2014 and if you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Exact Match Domain Names For SEO

Exact match domain names has always been great demand for SEO benefits as they tend to rank higher in search results many SEO experts have claimed that exact match domain names have little edge over generic domain names in terms of SEO but due to the large no of spamming Google has changed it's algorithm to penalize the websites which endorse exact match domain for gaming the SERPS but this does not mean the quality websites with useful content are going to get penalized Approximately 0.6 percent of search queries have been affected by this algorithm update So Google has implemented this change for just improve their services to provide relevant and useful content to readers

Exact Match Domain names SEO
Exact Match Domain names For SEO

However the exact match domain name are still being haunted by big business and webmasters to gain that momentum to climb the search results and make more business There are many big brands which has utilized the power of EMD's to capitalize on their business like,, but not to criticize these websites they are awesome in providing their business in which they are in

Must read - Keyword Rich Domain Names For SEO

Exact Match Domain For SEO

1) Let's get into the topic of this blog post of are exact match domain names still effective for SEO then answer would be Yes they are provided you have to serve the best and useful content which justifies the domain name like for eg if you have exact matched domain and you are dealing in all sorts of automobiles then you are not going to extract much benefits from EMD's in terms of SEO

2 ) To give you clear understanding you have to be relevant enough for the search engine to determine that you are really into this business to get good rankings in search results

3) Google is always striving for quality and if you not able to do that then no matter what EMD you acquire or no matter what Black hat SEO techniques you adopt you are going to stay back because Google is smart enough to track the spam websites and contents

Matt cutts officially announced on twitter about this update

Exact Match Domain For SEO
Exact Match Domain Udpdate by Matt cutts

What is Exact Match Domains ?

Exact match domains are keywords or phrases which users type in search engines without hyphens for example,, and domain likes, are not considered as EMD's

Exact Match Domain SEO
Exact Match Domain SEO

Benefits of Exact Match Domains -

1) They are in high demand for any business

2) They tend to perform better in SERP's in terms of rankings as compared to generic domain names

3) If you willing to sell the EMD then you can make huge profits literally EMD's are sold for 4 figures to 6 figures now a days

4) You can get lots of free type in traffic I will get to this term in a while

5) Good Domain names are easily memorable by your readers

6) EMD's shows that you are an authority in your business or niche so more trust from your customers

Below image will clearly give you an idea about the benefits of EMD's

Exact Match Domain
Exact Match Domain

Type-in Traffic benefits-

I am sure that you must have typed some phrase directly in the address bars sometime to see which websites pop up I personally have done this many times to see what websites pop up for popular keywords or phrases So when users directly type the phrase in address bar is called as type in

This is were exact match domain can get you good amount of direct traffic with minimal efforts and domain names like,, are getting extra incentives for this

However most of the good exact match domain names have already been purchased or been parked so if you are willing to buy such domain names you can but be ready to pay fat money for this

Conclusion -

So to wind up exact match domain names are still very effective for SEO and they can do wonders for your business if you are able to acquire them but you have to justify your business It's not like you just have EMD's and few crapper content or services you cannot get away by leveraging this tactic Remember People and Google both are smart enough in terms of ranking websites and determining which websites are good for better user experience Thus to say Exact match domain are still very useful if we talk about SEO so friends this was short discussion on exact match domain for SEO if you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more such SEO tips and tricks
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How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Writing SEO friendly blog posts not only increases your rankings in search engines but also enables you to get huge amount of traffic from organic searches, Writing blog posts can be time consuming, tedious and requires lots of research regarding the topic which you are blogging about, Its not like just to have to write 500 words article without proper SEO techniques like on page optimization

Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts
How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

On page SEO optimization is very essential for increasing the ranking of your blog post as well as it increases the page views at the same time it tremendously helps in reducing the bounce rate of your blog so you have to do on page SEO optimization as well while writing your blog posts, Well I will write a complete post regarding on page optimization but in this post I am going share few blogging tips on how to write your blog post for SEO and how to make blog posts more SEO friendly

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7 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

1) Keyword research - Prior writing any blog post you have to do keyword research because you will get the idea which keywords are getting more searches but you have to keep one thing in mind that don't go for the keywords which has too much of competition rather go for keywords which have low no of competition and high search volume by this way you will have more chance to get higher rankings in search engines, Free tool which you can use for your keyword research is Google keyword planner

2) Use Images - You must have heard the phrase" Images speak thousand words" and this is true and when you write the blog post you should use images and properly optimize images for SEO by adding keywords in alt tag to make it more SEO friendly  Like many people search images and if you image is well SEO optimized than chances are people will land on your blog post to read more, Also don't forget to share that image in Pinterest and one seo trick you can do is that in description post the URL of your blog post which will help you more in making your blog post more SEO friendly

3) Headings - Use your heading tags properly like H1,H2 and subheadings will optimizes your blog posts and also help your readers to easily scan the article Usually I find it very annoying to read articles which don't have heading and subheadings So from SEO and readers point of veiw use heading and subheading while writing your blog posts

4) Permalink - Keep your URL length under 5 words if you have long URL then it will look more spammy and try to minimize the use of SEO stop words in URL, Many beginner bloggers just don't bother to customize their default permalink structure which is not that much SEO friendly So Keep your URL short, concise and use your main keywords in it

5) Format - Format your important keywords and phrases with either blog or italics which tell the search engine crawlers that these are important words I usually italicize important words and phrases which I want to rank for and I see good results Other benefit of this apart from SEO perspective that you users will also find your article more compelling

6) Post Titles -  Write SEO friendly post titles with your main keywords towards the beginning of the article because search engines pays lot of attention and weight age to the starting words as compared to words appearing toward the end and if you are using blogger then do consider to optimize your post titles by showing your post title before blog title in search engines  Post titles are one of the major ranking element of your article and you have to smartly craft your titles in such a way that visitors will be tempting to click on your link along will keeping it more seo friendly by incorporating important keywords in your titles

7) Keywords - Use your keywords in first 100 characters of your article,towards the end and sprinkle it few times in between your content because search crawlers gives more attention to starting words and you have to use your main keywords here But don't stuff your blog posts with keywords which will definitely get penalized by Google in fact use keywords smartly and at important places

So friends this was how to write SEO friendly blog posts remember writing blog posts which lands nowhere in search results is waste of time and effort so keep the above mentioned point to SEO optimize your blog posts   If you have any doubt you can ask me in comments section and don't forget to subscribe to get more SEO tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging mates
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Mr Olympia 2014 Results & Winners

Mr Olympia 2014 Results and Winner

I am great fan of bodybuilding and fitness in fact I am starting a fitness blog very shortly and I want to write this post to show the mr olympia 2014 results. Well the results can vary depeneding upon the bodybuilder's conditioning and physiques. Well this year schedule is Las vagas, Navada. Phil heath, Kai greene, Dennis wolf and shawn rowden will be most deserving winner and Mr olympia 2014 results will be great surprise for all our us

Mr Olympia 2010 winner was by Jay cutler
Mr olympia 2011 winner was by phil heath
Mr olympia 2012 winner was by phil heath
Mr olympia 2013 winner was by phil heath
Mr olympia 2014 winner will be most probrably again phil heath

Mr olympia 2014 will be great show to watch since may big bodybuilders from the world are going to particapte, In last years mr olympia Kai greene gave good competition to phil heath but phil heath won the title and in this years arnold classic Dennis wolf won the show So dennis best of luck but phil heath is the best, In this post I am going to show you who will be the winner of mr olympia 2014, results and schedule info

Mr Olympia results will be tough and phil heath and kai greene are best competitors for last couple of years and not to forget dennis wolf who just has got into supreme shape regarding size and defination so dennis wolf again is the guy to be watched and you might be surprised to see dennis wolf climbing up the ladders and become the winner

Last year winner was phil heath and the results were very surprising I one moment I thought that Kai green will win but phil is awesome so he was the winner of mr olympia 2013 but results cleared the doubt from every body minds and recently phil heath is looking awesome his triceps are big, his delts, shoulders, thigh muscles and traps are phenomenal So the results is tough

Mr Olympia 2014 Results and Winner

Mr Olympia 2014 Winner ?

Jay cutler has not stopped competing in Mr Olympia

Mr Olympia 2014 Results

Go Will He be Phil Heath?

Mr Olympia 2014 results

Will He be Kai greene?

Mr Olympia 2014 Results

Will He be Dennis Wolf ?

Mr Olympia 2014 results

Will He be Shawn Rhoden?

Mr Olympia 2014 Results

Will He be Branch Warren?

Mr Olympia 2014 results

Mr Olympia 2014 Results?

2013 Olympia was again tough battle between phil heath and kai greene , so we might as well start predicting who will win in 2014.

My prediction: Phil Heath because he was in his peak of symmetry and shape hope he wins !!!!!

And the will be Phil heath again because of his great physique but we never 

know when Kai greene will snatch the title from Phil heath

mr olympia 2014 winner Phil heath

This is my prediction that phil heath will come first and win mr olympia 2014 and there will be great battle between Kai greene and Dennis wolf for second place
Phil heath is current Mr. Olympia 2013. Phil Heath narrowly edged out four-time champ Jay Cutler to take home the title He knocked out 4 Times Mr Olympia Jay cutler and snatch the title of Mr Olympia from him in 2011.
The 2014 Mr. Olympia will start on September 18 tol september 21 and will be held and scheduled in Las vegas, Nevada. It will feature some of the best bodybuilders in the world.
So lets see and prejudging will give us more clear view as of who will be mr olympia 2014 winner .

so friends if you like this post please share and hope that phil heath will be win mr olympia 2014 winner and hope to see fail mr olympia 2014 results
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Advantages Of Keyword Rich Domain Names For SEO

Even though due to panda update Google has clearly stated that they are going to reduce to weight age of exact match domain names in terms of SEO and rankings of websites So why it's necessary to have keywords in your domain name for SEO and what are the advantages of keyword rich domain names so in this post I am going to discuss about this topic as this creates lots of confusion among beginner bloggers and webmasters

Keyword Rich Domain Name For SEO
Keyword Rich Domain Name For SEO

There has been a big debate on keyword rich domain names vs branded domain names regarding which is best in terms of SEO, In simple words it cannot be sorted in single word since there are many factors which decides the search engine rankings in fact Google has more than 200 ranking factors which are taken into account while ranking a website and domain name is 3rd ranking factor So it makes sense to discuss about this topic since every webmaster or blogger want his website to have good rankings in search engine so that they can get maximum traffic and sales

Keywords In Domain Names For SEO

1) Domain name is taken into as one of the Google ranking factors and it acquires approx 7% weight age which is not negligible if we talk about SEO

2) Keywords in domain name has added advantage as compared to domain names which does not contains keywords

3) If you think that you can get good ranking in search results by getting exact match domain names then you are wrong while this was a bit possible few years back but due to increase in amount of spamming this has been minimized now because Google wants quality and if you get domain name full of keywords which is not able to produce quality content then Google will definitely penalize your blog or website

4) Well I have seen quite a few domain names which are having keywords in their domain name perform very well in search results provided they have quality content otherwise you will land no where

5) Keyword in domain name plays a very important role and helps boost your rankings since it clearly shows Google the subject matter for your blog and form readers point of view they can easily guess what's your blog is all about Like for example if you are selling wedding rings and your domain name is then your readers as well as Google can imagine what they are suppose to see when they land on your blog so try to have your main keywords in domain name

6) What you can do is append your keyword with your brand for getting both the advantages like for example even though they have changed it now to for branding purpose but it a good example on how to choose domain name for both SEO and branding what they have done is they have appended their keyword i.e the industry there are in and their brand name which works wonderfully 

7) Other advantage of having keywords in domain name is that whenever you search for any phrase the search results with comes and if it contains your search terms they are shown in bold so that visitors and easily find relevant answers for their queries and if you are having your main keyword in than it will also get highlighted which increases the chances of getting more CTR

Choose Domain Name For SEO
Keywords In Domain Name -  SEO Advantages and Benefits

8) You can significantly rank higher with keyword rich domain names in search results in much less time than with generic names 

9) It has also been said that use your main keyword as the first word as compared to middle or last word which has added advantage since Google gives more importance to starting words its similar to title tags where we use our main words at beginning

So friends these was some points on advantages of keyword rich domain name for SEO and if you want to discuss more about this topic you can by asking me in comment section and also don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks ! Keep blogging
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