How To Put Google Adsense Below Post Title In Blogger

If you are confused and don't know how to put GoogleAdsense below post title in blogger blog then this post will tell you how you can put your adsense ads below post title of your blog post It is good to have ads below the title because it will increase the ctr of your adsense ads and thus you will earn more revenue from your adsense ads. Also many adsense gurus have experimented and observed that by putting adsense below post title will increase your google adsense earnings because this will give more exposure to your adsense ads as compared if your put somewhere else on your blog sidebar where visitors have least attention and there are chances that they will simply read your content and leave so best practice to is opt for best adsense placement spots to make more money from google adsense

Advantages of putting Google adsense below post title in blogger

 Put Google Adsense Below Post Title Blogger
 Put Google Adsense Below Post Title Blogger

Putting adsense ads just below your blog post title will increase your CTR rates which will increase your adsense earnings
  1. Your ads can be more likely to be clicked by visitors if they can see it and many bloggers and webmaster opt this technique to increase the CTR rates
  2. Its one the best place to put your adsense ads because its aligned along your content area where visitors have the most of their attention
  3. One advice to blend your ads to your blog layout colors this will make your ads not look like ads and visitors might think that it is the part of the content
  4. Suggested adsense size- Medium rectangle (300 x 250)  or  Banner (468 x 60)

How To Put Adsense Below Post Titles In Blogger

1. Preparing Adsense ad code

1. Log in to Google Adsense (opens in  tab/window) to create a new ad unit.
2. For best results choose wide ad size -either 300x250 Medium Rectangle or 336x250 Large Rectangle format. Make sure you assign a new ad channel to it for performance monitoring purposes.
3. When the setup is complete, you will be given a code.
4. Run the code through an HTML parser tool to escape special characters in the code. The ad won’t appear if you use the original unescaped ad code.
5. Copy the escaped code.

2. Adding ad code to the template

1 : Go to layout section of your blogger template and then navigate to EDIT HTML sub tab.
2. Backup Your Template.
3. Check the “Expand Widget Templates “.
2 : Find The Following Tag and paste the encoded adsense code above following tag.

or if you are not able to find the above code try to find <div class='post-header-line-1'/> and paste your Adsense code after it
Now click on Save the go to your blog refresh and I hope now your google adsense ads will appear below your blog post title

Well these are 2 simple steps to put google adsense below post title in blogger, I hope that with above mentioned trick you can easily add Google adsense below post titles in your blogger blog and if you face any problem then do ask me via comments
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Importance Of Web Hosting Services

If you don't know the importance of good web hosting services for your blog or business then in this post I will discuss about this topic of web hosting services. Lot of newbie bloggers don't understand the importance of having good web hosting services and they under estimate this which is not good thing to do. Web hosting is one of the most important factors which has to be taken seriously if you want to make your blog successful or to get more business So below are few points which will tell you the importance of web hosting

Importance Of Good Web Hosting Services

Importance Of Web Hosting Services
Importance Of Web Hosting Services
1) As a blogger we work so much hard and dedicate time for blogging and we want our blog to be always up and running but what if your blog suddenly goes down and becomes inaccessible. You will lose all the visitors, money and sales. Also our visitors get addicted to our blogs and they daily visit to read more interesting articles. Literally there are many blogs which I personally visit daily for reading fresh and new content. So this is good reason to choose good web hosting services for your blog so that your blog is always accessible

I would recommend hostgator for this as its one of the best web hosting company which provides good support as well

2) You must be storing all your critical information either on your computer or by using any online file hosting services like cloudwedge or dropbox why because you don't want to lose them and you want to keep them safe so that if your pc crashes you can recover them similarly web hosting services keeps your blog files safe and secure

Read - mypcbackup reviews

3) If you are selling your product or services online then choosing best web hosting services becomes more vital as even if your website is down for 1 hour you can lose lot of money and customers and this is the main reason that big brands are spending so much money on good web hosting services

4) Many newbie bloggers opt for free hosting which is not bad if you are a hobby blogger or just blogging for fun but if you are in serious business then you must not choose free web hosting because they can delete your blog anytime without any prior notice which can be tragic for you

5) While choosing web hosting services for your blog you must make sure that they have good support, I have seen some web hosting companies who are so lazy and are careless about their customers. You must choose web hosting company which has good reputation in the market as well as good support team to sort out your problems

6) Many web hosting company claim to provide unlimited bandwidth which is not true and you can either charge you money or simply shutdown your blog if your blog is bothering their resources a lot. This is the trick played by many web hosting companies to make more money so don't fall for this So always do proper research about the web hosting company which you select for your blog

7) To get ideas about whether a particular web hosting company is good or not you can read reviews on the internet as there are many good review blogs which give true and honest reviews about their hosting services

So friends this were few points on importance of web hosting services, I hope you like this post and I also want to hear what you think about this topic that whether it is important or not to have good and reliable web hosting services for your blog or business.
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How To Create Facebook Page For Business Blog

To create facebook fan page for blog or business is very easy and it will hardly take 5 minutes to create your facebook fan page for blog or business, Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites with over 850 million users and it's still counting, many beginner bloggers don't know that how important is to establish your promote your blog,business or organization on facebook to get more readers, clients, sales, leads and most importantly more business

Yes you can literally use facebook fan page to promote anything which you want and there are users with almost all sorts of interest So you can drive lots of traffic and can get more exposure for blog and for your business as well which is very crucial
Create Facebook Page Blog Business
Create Facebook Page For Business Blog 

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We must be using facebook to chat with our friends and relatives but we never care to utilize facebook for our business and organization promotion which you might be losing good amount of potential readers and clients

One of the best way to promote your business and blog on social media sites is to create facebook fan pages for your blog So in this post I am going to show you exact step by step tutorial on how to create facebook fan page for business blog or organization

How To Create Facebook Fan Page For Blog and Business 

1)  First go to this create facebook fan page link and login to your facebook account if you are not logged in

2) Now you will see screen like below now you have choose the category properly like if you want to create facebook page for blog then select brand or product or if you want to create facebook page for business or organization then select Company,Organization or Institution

well there are other category so select which is most suitable for your business  But for this tutorial I am going to use Brand or Product if you want to create facebook page for blog or website So go ahead and click on Brand or Product

3) Now a slider will open where you have to choose the category for your facebook fan page and Give brand or product name so click on category dropdown menu and select Website,choose name for your facebook page and click Get Started Button

create facebook page blog

4) Now next tell what your page is all about and provide the url of your blog,business or organization website and click Save info

create facebook page business

5) Now next choose profile pic for your facebook fan page and click Next, On next screen you have to option to add your newly created facebook fan page to your favorite list which is used to easily access your page 

6) On final step you have the option to promote your facebook fan page but click on skip and now you will be redirected to your new facebook fan page

create facebook fan page blog

7 Tips to increase facebook fan pagelikes for business blog

1) Now you can edit your facebook page and post articles, links, update, invite friends, increase facebook likes and with many other settings so take out some time to make your facebook fan page appealing for your blog, business or organization 

2) Upload a nice picture and add a high quality Cover photo to make your fan page look more attractive

3) Try to regularly post new content on your facebook page to get more readers and traffic to your blog

4)  Send Facebook page url to your friends to get more likes also promote your newly created facebook page on Twitter and Google plus to get instant likes

5) Put Facebook Like box on your blog or business website and this will boost your likes very quickly

6) Promote new blog post by pasting the link on your facebook page wall to attract new readers to your blog

7) Add a facebook like batch on your blog for increasing fans and likes of your facebook fan page

So friends this was complete step by step tutorial on how to create facebook fan page for blog, business or organization  Remember that just creating facebook page is not going to do the trick you must regularly update your page with new and interesting content to attract new readers and increase your facebook followers, If you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more such social media marketing tips straight to our inbox for free! Keep Blogging
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12 Tips And Tricks To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

To Get Google adsense approval fast and easily you have to work hard on your new blog or website because Google adsense team has not become so strict and take care who get approved adsense account, Many beginner bloggers want to make money with Google adsense as adsense is one of the top PPC and contextual ad network in the internet now which put them ahead from all their competitors also if you are having a blog or website then you can make good amount of earnings from adsense in fact there are bloggers who are earning hugh amount of income from adsense alone so it's worth to get google adsense account approval fast to grab your share of money

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get google adsense approval fast
Get google adsense approved easily
But the sad story is that as said earlier google now has become selective in approving websites as they want to give value to their advertisers so many newbie bloggers simply cannot get adsense approval easily and get discouraged and become skeptical about their blogs after getting rejected , you don't have to get discouraged infact you can apply after but for those who had tried and does not get google adsense approval then in this post I am going to share few tips and tricks which will help you to get your google adsense approved fast and easily

But before sharing google adsense approval tips and tricks with you let me tell you that before applying for it make sure that you blog meet the adsense policies and guidelines which are mentioned below unless and until your blog does not meet the following requirements it is very hard to get adsense approval easily so make sure that all the tips and tricks mentioned below must be justified by your blog or website and this will greatly increase the chances to get your google adsense account approved fast and quickly So now without wasting much of your precious time lets start

How To Get Google Adsense Approved Fast Tricks

1) Quality Content - This is the most important tips to get adsense approval fast and you must write good quality content for your blog or website and Google give more priority to good quality content and articles  Just make sure that don't apply for adsense unless your blog has good amount of content and this does not mean that you can publish any crappy articles on your blog and wait for account approval   You are definitely not going to get your google adsense account approved So make sure that your blog is having atleast 30 to 50 quality blog posts which are unique before applying

Also keep in mind that write lengthy post approx 300 to 500 minimum and I have seen blogger who are just writing few lines of blog post on their blog and asking question everywhere why google is not approving my adsense account Simple Google don't want quantity they want good combination of quality as well as quantity which will definitely put great impression on adsense approval team while reviewing your blog or website

2) Blog Domain Age - This is also very important thing to keep in your mind that Google has guidelines for few asian countries like India and China where they require that a blog or website must be at least 6 months old why? because they want the publishers to have some good amount of content on their blog before applying however this is not strict rule I have seen publishers who get adsense account approval within 2 to 3 months because they were really producing some good amount quality content but generally google abide by this rule of 6 months for Asian countries   I myself got adsense approval very fast in 2 months but it was way back in 2012 when adsense policies and guidelines were not that much strict and publishers at that time were able to get their adsense account approved very easily 

3) User Friendly - Adsense team wants websites to be user friendly and must be not under construction mode, links must be not broken and make sure that your blog loads faster  Make sure that your site design is neat and clean and not much cluttered which gives unprofessional look and also try to create your sitemap for your blog specially if you are using blogger platform which make your blog more search engine as well as user friendly 

4) Privacy and Contact Info - Well you must be know that how google stands by its privacy policies and security issues and they want that visitors critical information like email address, phone numbers and passwords to be highly confidential So for your blog make sure you are having privacy policy page and contact us page which helps your readers to contact you and this will give more professional look and increase your trust in eyes of Google and by doing this trick you can boost the chances to get your adsense account approval easily

5) Top Level Domain ( TLD ) - If you are having blog with or then make sure that you do not apply as Google are not approving blog hosted on free domains like or  and there are millions of blog which are hosted in so one cool trick you can do here is buy custom domain name and redirect to your or blogs with 301 redirects and this will increase the chances to get your adsense account approved fast

6) Illegal Content - Before applying for Google adsense make sure that you blog is not having any illegal content like adult content, gambling, hacking, casino or drug abuse content  Google really hates and will never ever approve your adsense account So if you have contents which fall into this category I highly recommend to remove all of them before submitting your blog for adsense approval 

7) Copyright Materials - I have seen many bloggers simply copy and paste content from other websites and apply for adsense and Google is smart enough to track this down also they will not approve your application if your blog is violating any of their terms and conditions and copyright issues is the biggest one in which Google is very very strict So if you have images, content, videos or any other material in your blog which does not have the authority to publish it then you must remove it from your blog quickly 

8) Age Restrictions -  To get adsense approval your age must be 18 years or above and if you are less then this then one trick you can do is by applying with your parents or guardian informations but make sure that while applying you must enter correct information like payee name, mailing address etc and this information must be accurate so that you can get adsense account approval fast

9) Language support - Google adsense is not yet available for all the languages so if your blog or website is not in English then you must check first the list of languages which Google adsense supports before applying for adsense approval  

10) Blog ownership - Again this is one of the most important that you must have the rights to edit the html source code for your blog or website and this is the process which Google uses to authenticate the ownership of the blog for which you are applying because earlier there were many spammers who misused this tactics to get fast adsense approval by applying with other websites which they don't have ownership So Google wants to make sure this in first place before approving your google adsense account 

11) Other Ad networks - If your blog is have many other ads displayed in your blog then make sure to remove them before applying for adsense because there are ads networks which show very distracting and frustrating ads like popups, flash banners, pop unders etc so to give more professional look make sure that you get rid of all these ads but once you get your adsense account approved then you can use them later with no problem but make sure that those ads must not overlap or indulge with google ads in anyway

12) One Account Only - You are not allowed to have more than one adsense account and this is very strict rule of google adsense team if you are ever found of having more than 1 adsense account then you can be banned from google adsense and never ever get adsense account approval again So don't do this if you already have an account also once you have your adsense account approved you can place ads on as many blog and websites you want but they must abide by google adsense terms and guidelines 

So if you think that you meet all the requirements then you can apply and create your google adsense account I have previously written a complete step by step tutorial on this which you can read below

How to create a google adsense account

Below is very useful video on how to get google adsense approval

So friends this were few most important 12 tips and tricks on how to get google adsense approval fast and easily, if you have any questions you can ask me via comments and if you get rejected or disapproved then don't get disappointed in fact work on the area where you are doing mistakes and correct them and apply again after 20 to 30 days and you can get google adsense account approval easily and last but not the least don't forget to subscribe to get more google adsense tips and tricks
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How To Increase Google Adsense CTR ( Click Through Rate)

To increase Google adsense CTR ( Click through rate ) you have to smartly place your adsense units as there are many bloggers who might be using google adsense to make money from their blogs and many are doing really very great as they are earning good amount of money from adsense, Google adsense is considered as one of the best way to monetize blogs since they are the highest paying contextual ads network on the internet and there is not comparison to adsense but since you can make more from google adsense but there are double the amount of bloggers who are making less much money from adsense 
Increase Google Adsense CTR
Increase Adsense CTR Click through rate

Well there can be many reasons for not earning much money from adsense maybe you are using wrong tactics may be one of the reasons might be low CTR ( Click through rate ) which I am going to discuss in this post as there are many newbie bloggers who are frequently asking questions in forums like how to get more clicks on adsense ads So in this post I am going to share few tips and tricks to increase google adsense CTR ( click through rate )

7 Tips To Increase Google Adsense CTR ( Click Through Rate)

1) Blog Niche - I consider this as one of the biggest reasons to have low CTR as the blog niche or topic plays very important role on the amount of clicks you get on your adsense ads For example a blog about internet marketing or make money online niche might get few clicks on adsense ads as compared blog about fitness and health tips why? Because the visitors to make money online are all people like us who are bloggers or webmasters and they know what these ads for  

And more surprising is that people are getting more ad blind to banners because they see them everywhere no matter which site you go, you will see those crappy flash banner ads So if you this can be considered as one of the main reasons of getting less CTR but you can certainly increase your Click Through Rate and boost your income by following tricks which are mentioned below

2) Ads Placements -  To increase your CTR you have to place your ad units above the fold which will get more exposure as well as more clicks Previously I have written an article which I highly recommend for you guys to read about best google adsense placement tips to improve your CTR and make more money  

Many beginner bloggers think that they can place ads wherever they like and see hugh earnings in their adsense account but the fact is that they are doing absolutely wrong, Think about suppose you have place you ad unit in footer then how many people will scroll all the way down to click on that ad units and the probability is few people So to increase google adsense CTR you must place your ads above the fold

4) Blending Ads - One of the biggest mistake which newbie bloggers make is that they stay with the default adsense ad units design but the trick here is to do few customization like colors and backgrounds to ads units to match your blog background and make it look like the part of content and this can significantly improve your adsense Click Through Rate by lot and yes you might have heard about this term heck lot of time why? simple because they are very important that's why they are being recommended all the time

5) Few Is More - Even though some might disagree with this but there are other bloggers who have seen great boost in their adsense CTR when they just reduced the amount of ads they were displaying on their blog and why this is effective because let's say for example if you visit a page about ' Ways to make money online' and there are many ads which are showing 100's of methods to make money then your visitors might get confused as to which they must choose and they might turn back to Google and type the query ' Best way to make money online '  So by reducing the no of ads displayed on your blog can give more focus to that particular ad unit which can improve your CTR

6) Heat Maps - If you are beginner blogger and don't know what are heat maps then they are the diagram which show where your users give more attention on your blog and analysis their eyes pattern and this will help you identify the spots where your users pay attention a lot, there are many free tools by which you can analyse this data like Crazy egg and Click heat which are great tool to track this and get an ideas to which is best place to put your adsense ads also you can see in the below screenshot which is official Google Adsense heatmap

7) Linking Blog posts - Interlinking your blog posts not only increases your pageviews and SEO but also increases the chances to get more clicks on your google adsense ads as people will surf more pages so the chances are they might find really very relevant ads which they might be interested in so this is great trick to increase your adsense Click Through Rate 

So friends these are some of the best 7 tips and tricks on how to increase google adsense CTR ( Click Through Rate ) and if I have missed out other tactics which you might be using and worked wonderfully on your blog to increase your adsense CTR then please share with us below and also don't forget to subscribe to get more tips to increase google adsense revenue
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How To Become Premium Adsense Publisher

To Become Premium adsense publisher can be a dream for many bloggers which can literally skyrocket and increase their google adsense earnings in no time but to get premium google adsense account you got to have a website or blog which is having hugh amount of traffic and pageviews and for normal publishers it's will take lots of efforts to become premium adsense publisher but nothing is impossible if you will work hard and keep on increasing your blog traffic 

There are many new bloggers who frequently asked questions like can we display more than 3 adsense ads units per page or I have seen publishers are having more than 3 ads units so for them let me tell you that you cannot display more than 3 google adsense ad units per page and 2 search boxes

Become Premium Adsense Publisher
Become Premium Adsense Publisher
But if you become premium adsense publishers that you can display more that 3 ads units However that are other many benefits of getting premium google adsense account So in this post I am going to share few information and interesting benefits and advantages of having a premium adsense account

How To Get Premium Google Adsense Publisher Account


Well to become premium adsense publisher you cannot apply as you do to get normal adsense account, and there is not dedicated website where you can go and submit your application Google adsense team keep a close eye on all its adsense publishers and if they will find that you blog is performing really well in terms of traffic, pageviews and adsense income then they will automatically contact you to become premium adsense publisher and if now you are thinking that when will google contact me for this then there are certain minimum and standard requirements to get into this program

a) you blog or website must get 1 million pageviews per month

b) you must get approximately 100 K to 150 K search queries to your website or blog 

If you met these standard requirements then there is great chance that google adsense team will contact you to get premium google adsense account but you have to wait and let them notice, as this might look hugh stats for anyone but if you will keep on blogging then in long run you can easily achieve this like amit agarwal of is premium adsense publisher and when you will get the account then I am dam sure that you adsense earnings will see hugh earnings in your account for sure

And apart for this there are other advantages of being in this program which we will see below

Premium Adsense Publisher Benefits and Advantages

1) More ad units -  As said above you can display more than 3 ad units per page which is strictly not allowed for normal adsense account holders infact if you will display more than 3 units per page then you run into the risk of getting banned from adsense program which is not the case if you are a premium publisher

2) Ads Customization - You can customize you ad units like you can change the text color, ad sizes, background color, layout and many more which make it more design friendly as every blog layout is different and we all want the freedom to display ads according to our wish then this can only happen with this program 

For example there are few top popular websites likes, which are having premium adsense account as you can see in the below screenshot how they have customized the ads according to their need and they don't run into the danger of getting banned

Get Premium Google Adsense Account

3) No Ads By Google - If you will carefully look that every adsense ad unit has this label of Ads by Google which shows your visitors that it's ads which are displayed by Google and most people hate clicking on advertisments but this is not the case here you can remove ads by google label completely or you can put your own label which will definitely increase your CTR rate and get you more clicks on adsense ads

4) Rate Negotiations - If you are normal publisher then Google adsense pays 68% of the revenue and the rest goes into google's pocket and this is fixed you have to abide by this rule but in this case you are free to negotiate the rates which you will make from your ads with Google which will bring more money per click

5) Dedicated Account Manager - You must be knowing that how hard is to contact adsense team for asking any queries but in this case you are specially assigned a dedicated account manager which will look after all your queries and will also help you and give suggestions to increase your adsense income which is one of the great benefits

So friends this was how to become premium adsense publisher, after reading this post I am sure that by looking at these advantages and benefits you will be quite excited to get into this program as soon as possible to make more money from Google adsense but you have to work hard in getting that amount of traffic to your blog but it's possible I have seen many bloggers have achieved this, if you like this post please share and do subscribe to get more google adsense tips straight to your inbox for free! Keep Blogging and best of luck
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Put Adsense Below First Post In Blogger Homepage

To put adsense ads below first post in blogger homepage or index page can be difficult for any beginner blogger who is  not used to blogger platform and have knowledge of codings However blogger does a very fine job to show adsense ads on our blogger blog with the help of gadgets and widgets but what about adding adsense or any other ads on the index or home page of your blogger blog since blogger does not provide any direct way to do this and recently one of my friend asked me how to insert adsense just below the first post in homepage so I thought to do this blog post

Well adding ads below first post can be highly converting because when people land on your blog they look
Put Adsense below first post blogger
Put Adsense below first post blogger
at your blog post titles and if you properly blend and make your ads title color same as post title color then you can get more clicks on your adsense ads and this trick can increase your adsense income because homepage is one of the most viewed pages on our blogs and homepage is one of the top landing pages so we must monetize it smartly to make more money from google adsense So in this post I am going to share how to put adsense below first post in blogger homepage or index page in fact you can add any widget or gadget and ads from any network by using this method

Show Adsense Below First Post In Blogger Homepage


1) Log in to your blogger dashboard and click on templates << Edit HTML

put adsense below first post blogger

Note - Prior to making any changes to your blogger template I highly recommend to complete backup your blogger templete

2) Now expand all the codes in your blogger template by clicking the small black arrows then press CTRL+F to find the below mentioned code

<b:include data='post' name='post'/>

3) Now just after the above line add the below mentioned codes

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>
<div style='border:1px solid #ccc;background:#f9f9f9;margin-bottom:15px;padding:10px;text-align:center'>

4) Now replace ' YOUR ADSENSE ADS CODE HERE' with your actual adsense code which you want to display after first post in your homepage and Click on Save Template and you are done!!

Note - Before putting your actual adsense code you will net to parse the adsense code to show up on your blog you can parse the code using free html escape tool

So friends this was how to put adsense below first post in blogger homepage or index page, if you like this trick please share with your friends, if you face any problem do ask me via comments and don't forget to subscribe to get more blogger tips and tricks
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How To Rank High For A Keyword In Google Fast

To rank higher for a keyword in Google fast can be a bit difficult but not impossible provided you do and endorse proper SEO, content marketing and link building strategies for your blog or websites and you have to work on smartly to achieve higher ranking in Google or any other search engines but it's possible to do so just you have be a little patience and keep on working hard to improve your keywords rankings

Let me tell you that it's not going to be overnight turnover or there is not any rocket science either to rank for building more quality content and try to establish strong connection through your online presence and as
Rank HIgh For Keyword Google
Rank High For Any Keyword In Google
 the time will go you can definitely see your website or blog ranking high for your desired keywords or any keyword quickly just you got to have some patience and give some time and focus on

Must Read - How To Rank Brand New Website In Google Fast

Like I said earlier there are some guidelines to achieve this much quickly which will definitely help you to rank for any keyword in Google and there is one misconception among beginner bloggers who start a blog today and just want their blog posts or pages to rank in first page of Google within few days then this is not going to happen unless you gain that authority in your niche and regularly update your blog and updating your blog is also crucial factors which decides Google ranking factors So let see how exactly will gonna achieve this

Tips To Rank For Any Keyword In Google Fast

1) Keyword Research - This is the first step in your ranking procedure and very crucial, if you neglect this step then you are going to do big mistake it's like aiming for a goal but you don't know what you actually want to aim for as simple as that So before anything you must select few keywords which you want to rank for in Google however you must here don't go for high competitive keywords which will make you job much difficult instead go for low competitive keywords which are having decent amount of monthly searches

There is no point in ranking for a keyword which is getting only 10 to 20 monthly searches you will waste your time and efforts In General anything which has decent monthly searches are considered good enough to rank for  and for doing your keyword research you can use free Google keyword planner tool

2) Target Your Niche - What I mean by this you cannot simply go and pick any random keywords from any niche which is getting good amount of search no a big no to this as this will only going to harm your blog rankings and dilute your chances to rank for your keywords in Google 

Lets say for example my niche is about 'Blogging tips' and if I go and do blog posts about 'Gardening Tips' then does it make sense and by what means this topic is going to be relevant to my niche and for my readers in fact this will have the opposite effect and drop your keyword rankings  So select keywords and always build content around main keywords from your niche as this will double the process of ranking higher in Google

3) Building Backlinks - You must be hearing a lot about backlinks why? because they are important from SEO perspective that why they are being discussed all over the web and you must also try to build high quality backlinks form authority blog and websites in your niche and this will surely boost ranking for any keywords  But don't become greedy and build low quality backlinks to your blog as this is not going to be much effective as compared to quality backlinks for niche targeted websites

Also there are some beginners blogger who are in rush to start getting as much backlinks for their blogs or websites in very short amount of time which will definitely going to raise red flag in eyes of Google because Google is sitting there with binoculars !LOL to dump you blog down in the valley 

So try to get quality backlinks and it's should be your continues process and this will tell Google that indeed your blog is producing quality contents which is why you are being linked regularly by other websites

4) On page Optimization -  This is another important step to rank for a keyword in google and if you properly optimize your pages for search engines then you can achieve higher rankings very fast and quickly what this includes is when writing content for your blog you must regular interlink your old posts with new posts and viceversa to pass on the link juice and this will also drive traffic to your older posts which will give them more exposure

When do on page optimiztion make sure that you use anchor text properly like instead of links like click here use your targeted keyword which will help immensely as this adds more relevancy to the topic of your posts and link to only those pages which are relevant but one note is that due to the spamming of anchor text do include some various and related keywords or phrases to interlink your contents

5) Off Page Optimization - It's someway similar to on page optimization but a little different instead of linking to your posts or pages you will link to other important sources in your niche for example if you are writing about SEO tips and tricks then linking to will be great but here many newbie bloggers think that linking out to other sources will take away their traffic but they don't know that this will help Google to identify in which niche you are in and will increase your rankings

Also it will help to build relationship with other bloggers in your niche if they will find your content to be interesting enough then they will happy enough to link to you so whenever you feel that a particular page is going to add value to my page then don't hesitate to link to that

6) Use Keywords Properly - Finding good keywords is crucial but how you are using them in your content is more important, you must use your main keywords throughout your page or blog post but avoid stuffing keywords stuffing which will have adverse effect   Use keywords in title, Url, heading tags, meta tags,meta descriptions and alt attributes of your images, if possible try to make your keywords bold or italics to put emphasize on them and try to keep them at the beginning

There are bloggers who are worrying a lot about how many keywords to use per page for seo or what is my keywords density no need to take that much tension instead try to write natural sounding content and SEO optimize well for search engines and you are good to go

So friends these was how to rank for a keyword in Google fast, remember that is must be that sometime you will not get desired results but you have to keep on improving your skills, do regular udates and keep working hard I mean it's must be not like do it and forget it kind of thing it must be ongoing process and keep on trying to produce quality content around your niche 

I am sure that you will definitely be able to rank higher for any keywords in Google pretty fast, If you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more amazing and effective Blogging tips and tricks
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How To Link Google Analytics To Adsense

Linking Google Analytics to adsense together is best way to track your blog performance and it shows which pages are generating more clicks and earnings  Many beginner bloggers find this task difficult to do as recently Google analytics layout has been changed with new and advanced features added to your google analytics account which serves more in depth details about your blog where it's receiving traffic, devices used to access your site, traffic demographics, real time data and many more interesting features which make google analytics more robust program for any webmaster to track the performance of their websites
Link Google Analytics Adsense
Link Google Analytics To Adsense

And linking your Google adsense account to analytics together will give informations like which pages are generating income and what are their CPC which determines how much you will earn per click So it's very important to inter link your google analytics and google adsense together Thus in this post I am going to share step by step tutorial on how to link Google analytics with your adsense account

Linking Google Analytics To Adsense Account

1) Sign in to your Google analytics account and click on the Admin tab

2) Now under Property select the property ( website) to which you want to link your adsense account

3) Now you can see a section under Product linking called adsense linking click on that

Link Google Adsense To Analytics

4) Now select the adsense property and hit continue or Click + New Adsense Link

5) Now on next page you have to configure Adsense Link and select the analytics view from the drop down box to link to and click on Enable Link button as shown below

Linking analytics to adsense

6) Now Click on Done and now your Google analytics and adsense account are linked together,it will take upto 24 hours for your google analytics account to display information related to your adsense account and finally you can see the image as below which confirms that your analytics account to successfully linked to your Google adsense account

Linking google analytics to adsense

So friends this was how to link Google analytics to google adsense together or alternatively you can also do this from your adsense account but this is recommend method and it's very easy too, if you face any problem then you can ask me via comment section and also don't forget to subscribe to get more Google analytics and adsense tips
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How To Rank Brand New Website In Google Fast

To rank a brand new websites in Google is something which many newbie bloggers and webmaster think that whether they will be able to rank their website higher than older websites or how long does it take to rank a website in Google Well there is not any exact time frame in which you can rank on Google results but yes there are some effective ways by which you can quickly improve your Google rankings  It has been heard lots of time that a new website cannot outrank older website but the reality is it's very much possible provided you do the things in better and legitimate ways than the older sites
Rank New Website Google
Rank Brand New Website In Google Fast

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Literally I have seen many websites like my blog is fairly new but it's ranking has improved a lot in short span of time well this doesn't mean that I have opted for any black hat SEO techniques but you can see that I am regularly updating my blog  which help me to rank my new blog pretty fast in Google search results  Also I would like to tell all the beginner bloggers is that Google rankings is different for different countries like you website might rank well for a keyword in Google ( US )  as compared to Google ( Australia )  But there are some major steps which we can take to make our brand new websites to rank fast in Google search So friends in this post I am going to share very simple but very beneficial tips on how to rank your new website higher than older websites

7 Tips To Rank Brand New Website In Google Search Fast

1) Choose right keywords - This is the most important step in ranking you new website in Google you cannot just think and make another website like wikipedia which covers almost all the topic nor do you might have enough budget to promote and market your new website so the better and effective way is to properly do keyword research and select few keywords in your niche which are less competitive with good amount of local and global monthly searches For keyword research you can use Google keyword planner which is free to use

2) Domain Name - You must be knowing that how important is to choose good domain name for your blogs and websites and from SEO perspective try to include you main keyword in the domain name, it's better to have keywords at the beginning of your domain name although this doesn't have greater impact in ranking but it has an edge over as compared to middle and end 

3) Focus on Niche -  This is also one of the most critical step in ranking you brand new websites well in Google search results and you must focus on the niche of your website and don't just try to write about every topic which comes in your mind and this will help and give Google a very good idea of what your website is all about and will automatically yield you with better rankings very qucikly and this is the reason why people are building microniche sites for more making more money

4)  Target Long Tail Keywords - Today the competition is so high that nearly every niche or topic is overcrowded and it can be very difficult to rank well on Google for generic keywords so better approach would be targeting long tail keywords in your articles which have much greater chance to rank well and fast in Google For example if you main keyword is ' Blogging Tips ' then there are about about 4,40,00,000 pages which pops up in search results and it would take very long for your new website to rank for this particular keyword so the better approach is to build content around this keyword phrase like 'Blogging tips for Beginners '  ' Blogging tips for small business owners ' etc which will give Google pretty strong signals that your website is indeed really very focused for that keyword which will ultimately result in higher rankings

5) Regular Updates - How many of you visit a websites or blogs which hardly publish new content and articles regularly I think many will simply go for another source for getting latest information Similarly Google does if it will not find new and regular updates on your website than your ranking will drop and Google has crush on websites which are regularly updated with fresh and unique contents So try to regularly update your brand new website with fresh articles and this will help you to rank higher than older websites

6) Backlinks - Building Quality Backlinks also plays a major role in ranking your new website, the more quality backlinks you have the higher will be you rankings in search engines but this does not mean that to start building low quality backlinks which can penalize your websites instead try to generate backlinks from quality authority sites which is way more beneficial as compared to low quality backlinks Remember that 1 quality backlink from authority website in your niche can do wonders as compared with 1000 low quality backlinks pointing your site

7)  SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) - And last but not the least is that learn some basic SEO tips and tricks which will speed up the things pretty fast and it's not a rocket science to learn SEO, you can download many SEO free ebooks and there are great blogs like , and many more because if you know the basics of SEO then you find it easy to rank your new pages and posts in Google quickly and yes don't opt for black hat SEO tricks which will really shatter your new website or completely deindex you website form Google

So friends I tried my level level best to explain all the vital steps on how to rank brand new website in Google fast, if you like this post please share with your friends and if you have any kind of doubt or have any queries you are most welcome to ask me via comment section and I will be more than happy to assist you and last but vey important thing that don't forget to subscribe to get more such Blogging tips and tricks
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Wrong Ways To Increase Alexa Rankings

Alexa toolbar is one of the best extensions we have in Google chrome to check the ranking of any blogs or websites and alexa is owned by Amazon which is a very big company so it will provide you with the best and accurate matrices of how much is the blog ranking and how much traffic it is getting with other information like global rank, bounce rate, visitors demographics and backlinks pointing to that particular blog. If your goal is to make money from your blog then the first thing which advertisers look and take into consideration is your blog alexa ranking which gives them the fair idea of how popular is your blog in your country along with its global rankings.

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Increase Alexa Rankings
Wrong Way to increase Alexa Rankings

Every blogger is trying to improve their blog alexa ranking quickly which is good to attract direct advertisers towards your blog and make some decent amount of money by blogging but I have seen many bloggers simply use alexa toolbar in wrong way to manipulate their rankings although I cannot say it’s is wrong it’s legitimate but they are some way or the another artificially manipulating their rankings which I will discuss about in this post.

Wrong Way Improve Alexa rankings

Alexa calculates the traffic estimates by tracking all the visits by the people who have alexa toolbar installed in their browser which sends alexa the data of traffic stats and other related demographics and every blogger is trying to improve their alexa rankings to get more advertisers and monetizing options.

So many bloggers simply install the toolbar in their browser and keep surfing on their blog which helps in improving their rankings a lot even I have tried this myself and yes the rankings can improve drastically within a day and some are just opening their blogs and leave it to improve rankings but I think that this is not the best way to improve why? because this is not going to benefit because you are gaming the system and try to satisfy yourself by seeing that your rankings is improving

But actually it’s mostly not visited by your visitors in fact you are visiting and thus the alexa ranking improves but I don't want fake stats to satisfy myself I want true and genuine ranking improvements naturally even though it will take some time but I will be more than happy with that stats as compared with self manipulated stats So I removed the alexa toolbar extensions from my chrome browser which give me accurate information and progress of my blog in terms of traffic and rankings which means a lot to me.

I don't want to show manipulated stats and traffic estimates to any advertisers who are willing to do advertising with my blog I want them to get the results for the money they are paying to me so that they can be happy and be with me for long time because at the end they will come to know that if they are not getting enough clicks and traffic from your blog then they will simply leave you and find other blog in your niche for doing advertising deals which is off course bad and I don’t think that any of you guys want this to happen.

If my ranking is awesome then advertisers will see that this blog is having good alexa ranking which means it must be getting Hugh amount of targeted traffic and which can lead to more sales and exposure for their business but what if the rankings are not accurate and you are using wrong tactics to improve it by visiting your blog yourself and keeping it on forever, you can get few advertisers for your blog by this method but they will not stay with you for long time since they will see the results after some time

So friends I am trying to improve my alexa ranking in natural way as possible as compared the above mentioned method, I may not be hundred percent right but this is my personal observation with alexa toolbar So what are your views on this please share via comments and what do you think that improving your alexa rankings by this method is worth doing in long run and I would definitely love to hear your views and suggestions on this topic. Happy and keep visiting for more Blogging Tips
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6 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions For Bloggers

Google web store has hugh collections of chrome extensions for SEO which add more functionality and can save lots of time while surfing the website specially if you are a blogger or webmaster then there are few best Google Chrome extensions for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), Chrome SEO extensions are very useful to check and do analysis of Pagerank, Domain authority, backlinks, broken links, internal links, external links, alexa ranks and many more features you can check and there are many free chrome extensions available which will hardly take 1 minute to install on your Google Chrome browsers
Chrome Extensions For SEO
Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Since there are other browsers like IE ( Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox but Google chrome as emerged as one of the best performing browsers since it's very light weight with more more additional advantages as compared to IE or Firefox, SEO is very important for any blogger specially they want to achieve good rankings in search engines and for this you have to many analysis to outrank your competitors, Apart from other SEO plugins you might be using these light weighted chrome plugins can give you handy amount of informations So in this post I am going to share 6 best chrome SEO extensions which you can download for free form Google chrome web store So without wasting much time lets see which are the best SEO extensions for Chrome

6 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions For Bloggers

1)  MozBar - Mozbar is the toolbar extension for chrome is provided by famous blog in SEO niche and this is very handy SEO plugin for bloggers which enables to check various SEO metrics also you can create custom searches by filtering them by country, city or regions  You can also check the competiions for given keyword, Social analysis like facebook, Twitter and Google+ shares which is not provided in many other free  So it must have extension for any one who is doing blogging

2) SEOquake - SEOquake is another best chrome extension ( toolbar ) which helps us to find Pagerank, alexa rank, Pages indexed in Google, Yahoo,Bing  It also shows us whether the link is no follow or do follow which is great in terms of backlinks because dofollow backlinks helps in increasing our blog rankings in SERPs   Also there are few other parameters which you can select or deselect after installing the toolbar

3) Quick SEO - It's another handy chrome extension for SEO where you can check pagerank, alexa rank, unique backlinks, total backlinks, traffic estimates and whois domain information as well , This is not as much popular like the previous two but I like this extension which is very fast and effective

4) Open SEO Stats - It is one of the best free chrome extensions which was previously know as Pagerank Status enables us to view some additonal stats like page meta informations, cached pages, Geo IP locations, quantcast rank, site security information and many more features are packed in this toolbar   It supports more than 30 languages which is awesome

5) Majestic Backlink Analyzer It is strong backlink analysis toolbar for SEO which shows various backlinks parameters like Trust flow, Backlink details, Anchor text details of any webpage  Currently it has been downloaded by 36,177 users which shows that this chrome SEO extension is fairly popular 

6) Shareaholic For Google Chrome It is one of my favourite google chrome extensions which indirectly helps in SEO of our blog posts by sharing our content to more than 200 social networking and bookmarking sites which enables us to get more backlinks and traffic  Also it saves lots of our precious time as being bloggers it will be very time consuming to manually go and submit our articles to all these social sites but by using this free chrome extension you can save lots of your time and energy and I highly recommend this since its free 

So friends these were 6 best google chrome SEO extensions for bloggers which are absolutely free to download and if you are using firefox browser then it's highly recommended to install chrome browser since there are many other useful extensions which require Google chrome  So friends it took me quite amount of time to find these extensions and toolbars for you so please share with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to get more blogging tips

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Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In The World List

Which is the most popular search engines in the world and which search engines ranks at the top of this list Well before that let see exactly what are Search Engines? Search Engines are software system which are made up of complex algorithms to provide relevant search results to the people, Search engines crawl and index webpages across the world wide web( www), the search engines results page (SERP) can consits of webpages, videos, images and other types of files  Well there are many popular search engines in the world today like Google, Yahoo and Bing which serves our daily searching and research needs
Most Popular Search Engines World List
Popular Search Engine List In The World

If we want to find information about certain things we simply go to our most favorite search engine and type the query and we get the list of results, Apart from Google, Yahoo and Bing there are several other's in the list of which we know very little about, Nearly every single day Google receives 1 Billion search queries according to surveys with is absolutely incredible and show that people are really believing on internet to show them relevent results and this has risen competition among various other popular search engines in the world So in this post I am going to share the list of top 10 most popular search engines in the world

Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines List In The World


1) - Enables users to search the world's information, including webpages, images, and videos. Google offers more unique features and search technology. It ranks the top list in world most popular search engines  Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Most of its profits are derived from AdWords.Enables users to search the world's information, including webpages, images, and videos. Offers... More unique features and search technology.

Most Popular Search Engines World

Founder - Larry Page, Sergey Brin

Launched - 1998

World Rank -

2) Yahoo Search - Yahoo search ranks 2nd in the most popular search engines in the world list indexing images, video, shopping sites, and local results.Yahoo! Inc. is an American multinational Internet corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.A major internet portal and service provider offering search results, customizable content and many more it is the second most popular search engine in the world

Most popular search engines World

Founder - Jerry Yang, David Filo

Launched -1994

World Rank - 2

3) Bing.comBing is a search engine that brings together the best of search and people in your social networks to help you spend less time searching and more time doing, Bing serves it's search results in 40 languages which land it 3rd in the best search engines list and it's owned by one of the interne giants called Microsoft

Popular search engines List in World

Founder - Kenn Ross

Launched -2009

World Rank - 2

4) - ranks 4th in this list of best search engines answering service that delivers the best answers from the web and real people - all in one place. is a question answering-focused web search engine founded in 1995 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. The original software was implemented by Gary Chevsky from his own design. It was built as website around that core engine. In late 2010, facing insurmountable competition from Google, the company outsourced its web search technology and returned to its roots as a question and answer site

Best Search Engines World

Founder - Garrett Gruener and David Warthen

Launched -1995

World Rank - 4

5) -  DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the "filter bubble" of personalized search results.DuckDuckGo has everything you expect a search engine to have, including images, news and places, all while respecting your privacy.

Search Engines List in World

Founder - Gabriel Weinberg

Launched -2008

World Rank - 5

6) - Provides the ability to use public and personal slashtags to restrict sites searched. It also offers image, video and local search.One of the Top Spam and Virus Free Search Engine for Latest Updates on News, Gossips, Date,  Blekko, trademarked as blekko is a company that provides a web search engine with the stated goal of providing better search results than those offered by Google Search, with results gathered from a set of 3 billion trusted webpages and excluding such sites as content farms.

Search Engines List

Founder - Rich Skrenta

Launched -2010

World Rank - 6

7) -  Computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly and it's more like a cross between a research library, a graphing calculator, It serves results as answer from externally sourced "curated data", rather than providing a list of documents or web pages

Most Pppular Search Engines

Founder - Stephen Wolfram

Launched -2009

World Rank - 7

8) - is the world’s largest and most popular search engine for jobs, currently indexing 4 million jobs The goal for Simply Hired is to help job seekers find their next job in the simplest, most effective way possible. It's a website for job listings and online recruitment advertising network. The company aggregates job listings from thousands of sites across the Web including job boards

Popular Search Engines

Founder - Gautam Godhwani, Peter Weck

Launched -2003

World Rank - 8

9) Iconfinder.comA search engine for over 340 000 icons of different artists and styles. Iconfinder is a web company whose main product is a search engine for icons. The company was founded in 2007 by Martin LeBlanc Eigtved.

Top Most Popular Search Engines World

Founder - Martin LeBlanc Eigtved

Launched -2007

World Rank - 9

10) - Babylon is a leading global provider of language and search solutions, the Company operates in more than 200 countries., founded in 1997 and traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (BBYL), is a leading global provider of Internet search services and language

Best Search Engines List

Founder - Amnon Ovadia

Launched -1997

World Rank - 10

So friends here is the best compilation of top 10 most popular search engines in the world list, I think that most of you must not be knowing about all these best search engines, If you like this list please share and don't forget to subscribet to get more such top 10 list ! Thank you
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