Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Make A Living Online For Free

Making a living online might be most probably the dream come true for any individual just because they don't have to work for any employer or they don't have any boss to order them, they don't have any dead lines to finish the job assigned and most importantly the freedom to work on their will i.e they can work whenever, wherever they want, They can work in their pajamas it's really fascinating to be your own boss, isn't it?

But many people think that how to make a living online? well this is a bit tricky question since there are many ways by which you can make money online like by taking online survey, forex trading, online consulting, providing services, selling goods online and many more but the best way which I like is blogging and this is what any ordinary individual can do provided he got to have good knowledge in this topic or niche

Make Living Online Free
How To Make A Living Online For Free

Make A Living Online

1) Well now you will ask me as there people who are making a living online by blogging then Yes! there are many bloggers who are making handsome amount of money online by blogging. To name a few like Darren Rowse of, Daniel Scocco of, Lisa Irby of, John Chow of and many more so yes it's really possible to make a living online provided you have to put in lot's of efforts for first few years and work smartly with regularly setting goals in your blogging journey

" A Goal without a time limit is not a Goal " - Rohit Singh

2) So now you will ask me exactly how will I be able to make living online do I need to pay money or it's free then there is one good news for you that you can literally start your blog for free. Yes for free you can go to and start your own blog for free but its recommended to get your own custom domain from godaddy which will cost around 6$ for one year which is nominal amount

Steps To Make A Living Online

2) Choose a topic for your blog it can be any topic but you have to got good amount of knowledge in your niche so that as time goes on you can become authority in your niche and you can develop large reader base for your blog

3) Regularly update your blog with fresh and unique content which will improve your blog rankings in search engines

4) Keep on learning new things about blogging like SEO tips, Traffic Tips etc

5) Read few big blogs in your niche regularly to learn new things

6) Be patience for atleast 6 months to 1 year time and don't get frustrated as time passes by you will surely get more readers and traffic

Make Money Free For Living Online

1) When your blog will get good amount of traffic and have few hundred readers it time to think about making money online by blogging

2)  Simply go to and apply for it, Adsense team will review your blog and if your blog is good then your adsense account will get approved within few days

3)  You can place Google adsense ads on your blog and if any one clicks on your adsense ads you will get paid, the amount per click varies according to niche like a blog a insurance or mortgage will earn your more money per click as compared to a blog about dog training

4) Well if you will ask me that how it possible to make a living by few clicks then let me tell you that there are bloggers who are making six figure income just by using adsense ads on their blogs again to name a few Jeremy shoemaker of, Tim carter of, Amit Agarwal of these guys are making heck lot of money by just using Google adsense So you can also just you have to work hard and keep on learning new thing and most importantly stay motivated and don't quit blogging.

5) But if you will ask me that is only adsense by which I can make money from my blogs then there are many other ways like Affiliate marketing, Paid reviews, Blog Consulting, Providing your own services and many more and yes you can make more money from affiliate marketing as compared to adsense. Just you have to be creative and think out side the box like for example Tim ferriss of wrote an ebook which is making him hefty money and his is making a living online

So this was how to make a living online for fee and if you like this post please share with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to get more blogging tips to help your make you living online for free
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blogger SEO Optimization Tips, Tricks For Blogspot

Blogger is one of the most widely used blogging platform after wordpress but blogger lacks behind in optimization of blogspot blogs as compared to wordpress blogs where we can simply download and install any SEO plugins to optimize our blog but in blogger we cannot install any SEO plugins to optimize our blogspot blog. Optimizing our blogs is very essential to get good rankings in search engines so we can get decent amount of traffic from search engines.

Even though blogge doesn't provide any SEO feature to optimize our blogspot blogs but we can tweak in and optimize our blogs template to insert some SEO tricks and settings and it's very simple. I highly recommend you to first take out some time and apply below mentioned must do SEO tips and tricks on your blogspot blog.

Blogger SEO Tips Tricks For Blogspot
Blogger SEO Tips Tricks For Blogspot Blogs

Recently I was asked by one of my friends that I have lots of posts on my blog but I am not getting traffic from search engines and specially many beginner bloggers don't know about this and they simply think that we cannot get higher rankings in search engines So in this post I am going to share must do SEO optimization tips and tricks for blogger

Highly Recommended - Optimize H1,H2 and H3 Heading Tags In Blogger

Blogger SEO Optimization Tips, Tricks For Blogspot

1) Search Description - In search preferences you have the option to insert Meta tags for your blogspot blogs, when ever you search for any thing in google then google show some excerpts form contents in search results this is what meta tags are for so try to describe your blog under 150 characters over here and this will show whenever anyone searches for your blog under blog title

2) Optimize Blog Post Titles - Default blogger setting is that it shows Blog title before post title in search engine results and this is not good in terms of SEO So you have to tweak your template to show post titles before blog titles and this will definitely improve your blog posts rankings

To do this go to Template >>  Edit HTML and search for


Replace it with the below code

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>

<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>


<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>

3) Custom Permalink - By default blogger takes your blog post title and set it as your permalink i.e URL of your blog post which is not highly SEO optimized as this can be lenghty and has many SEO stop words in it So I would highly recommend to set custom permalink for your blog posts

To do this simply go to Post settings >> Permalink and then select Custom Permalink

4) Alt Tags - This is must do SEO trick for blogger blogs since blogger doesn't put alt descriptions for the images your use in your blog post and let me tell your that you can get good amout of visitors if your SEO optimize your images by providing ALT descriptions for your images

To do this click on the image and select properties where your can give alt description and title to your images this is another good place to add some keywords

5) No-Follow - Force all external links as no follow by doing this you are tell the search engines to not pass the link juice to external links. Since you must be linking to various external sources so always apply no follow attribute to external links to keep the links juice to yourself

To do this trick simply click on link and check 'rel= no follow attribute' 

6) Meta tags - Your Blogspot blogs don't have any meta tags in your template which tell the search engines more about your blog like meta description, meta keywords, author etc since meta keywords doesn't play much importance now due to hugh amount of spamming but rest all the meta tags does have some SEO benefit

7) Labels - Provide descriptive labels to all your blog posts as this helps in SEO Optimization and try to keep it short like for example if you write about ' How to make pizza at home' then give label like Pizza tips rather than complete post title

8) Post Search Description - Lately blogger introduced Search description for each blog post where you can write post description for individual posts this is highly recommended SEO trick which will definitely boost your rankings So provide good description about your blog post here and you can find this under post settings

So friends these are some of the must do Blogger SEO Optimization Tips, Tricks For Blogspot Blogs and highly recommended blogger SEO settings and if you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogger SEO tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging
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Monday, August 25, 2014

How To Submit URL To Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Bing

The first thing to do after creating a blog or website is to submit your url to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Well there is no hard and fast rule which will tell you exactly how much time it will take to get your site indexed but it will definitely get indexed faster as compared to let the search engines to find your site and include in their index which will take lots of time. Many beginner bloggers really don't know this and they are asking this question all over the web that ' Their site is not showing in search engines' but they don't know this simple trick.

Submit URL To Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Bing
Submit URL To Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Bing

Literally my blog posts get indexed within minutes in Google after submitting my url  So I would recommend that don't wait for the search engines to find your site instead go and manually submit your site url and you don't have to submit all the url's of your blog or website you just have to submit the main page url i.e the home page url and search crawlers will find the rest of the pages in your site So without wasting much time lets see how to do this. I know you must be eager to see your site get listed in search engine results

Submit URL To Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Bing

Submit Site URL To Google

2) Just type the home page url including http:// for example

3) Enter the captcha code and hit Submit request

Note- Prior to submitting your url to Google you have to sign in to your Google Account or Gmail

Submit Site URL To Yahoo

2) Click on Submit Your Site For Free link and your will be taken to bing follow the on screen instructions and submit your url for free. Yahoo takes more time to index websites as compared to Google so don't panic

Submit Site URL To Bing

2) Type the URL of your home page

3)  Enter the Captcha Code and hit Submit

Submit Site URL  To Bing search engine does not provide this feature as they have said that they will automatically discover the sites and index them So no need to worry about it.

So friends this was how to submit url search engines to Google, Yahoo and Bing , if you like this post please share with your friends and other newbie bloggers who don't know this and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks ! Keep Blogging
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Friday, August 22, 2014

How To Access Multiple Gmail Accounts At The Same Time

Accessing multiple gmail accounts can be very useful specially if you have more than 1 gmail accounts mostly nowadays people usually have 2 or 3 gmail accounts it can be for any reason either for business or personal use whatever might be the reason, But the problem is that many non savvy internet surfers are unaware of new Google multiple sign in feature so they don't know how to access multiple gmail accounts at the same time in one browser.

Personally I as being blogger have more 5 gmail accounts and this trick is very useful for me since I have to check my email at regular interval

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts
How To Access Multiple Gmail Accounts At Same Time

This is the reason why they have to keep on signing in to different gmail accounts or they use different browser to access multiple gmail accounts and this is very tedious and time consuming task

So in this post I am going to share useful trick to tackle this time eating process and will show you have to sign in to multiple gmail accounts at the same time in one browser so without wasting anytime lets start with this trick

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts At The Same Time

1) Login to one of your gmail account

2) Now from top right corner click on the drop down menu next to your image

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts
Access Multiple Gmail Accounts

3) After clicking on the drop down menu you will see 'Add account' feature just click it

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts
Access Multiple Gmail Accounts At Same Time

4) On next screen enter your other gmail account email and password and click sign in

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts
Access Multiple Gmail Accounts Same Time

Now you can login to multiple gmail accounts at the same time in one browser and you don't have to login and log out again and again to sign in to different gmail accounts, you just have to click on the dropdown menu and select the email which you want to access. That's it.

Note- As soon as you logout from only one of your gmail accounts then you will be logged out from all your gmail accounts simultaneously for security reason

I hope you this trick of how to access multiple gmail accounts at the same time and if so please share with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to get more such tips and tricks straight in your inbox.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How To Do Blog Commenting For SEO

Blog commenting for SEO is one of the most frequently asked questions by beginner bloggers who actually don't know how to properly do comments on other blog for SEO purposes to gain more traffic, exposure and search engine rankings. Blog commenting is great if you do it properly and you can benefit a lot from it but for this you have to follow certain rules otherwise your whole effort will result in waste of time.

Well there are some bloggers who are very much concerned on which blogs they are commenting like they are no-follow or do-follow and they literally ignore blogs which are providing no follow comment juice no matter how big authority the blog is they just want do follow comments to build more backlinks but this approach is totally wrong. So in this post I am going to show you how to do blog commenting for SEO and what not to do while commenting on other blog

Blog Commenting For SEO
How To Do Blog Commenting For SEO

Blog Commenting For SEO Tips

Blog commenting is not all about getting backlinks and for SEO benefits it's all about adding value to blog community and express your views regarding the blog post. Your Blog comment can be positive or negative but it show be honest and provide your feedback regarding that post

If you are really concerned for getting backlinks and SEO purpose then try to find commentluv blogs which enables you to get backlinks for your latest blog post as well as it will increase your rankings in search engine

Must read- How To Find CommentLuv / KeywordLuv Enabled Blogs

Also there are many spammers who just simply write comments like “Great post thank you" Do you think that any blog owner will approve this comments I highly doubt. Also many spammers simply post comments without reading the blog post well you might get away with this on few occasions but many times your comment will not get approved

Blog Commenting for SEO also leads many bloggers to use keywords for which they are trying to rank in the name section also they try to insert links in comment section but this is absolutely wrong way to do blog comments for SEO because anyhow your comment is going to get disapproved

Blog commenting is considered as one of the more powerful way to get more referral traffic and give more exposure to your blog so try to capitalize on this and try to regularly do comments on top blogs in your niche and include this in your blog promoting strategy, I have seen many bloggers who claim that they are writing comments daily on 20 to 50 blogs So take out some time to post comments on other authority blogs in your niche

If you are beginner blogger or have just started blogging then I am sure that you must be reading other blogs to learn new things so don't leave the blog after reading blog posts instead try to post your valuable feedback or your views for that particular post. This is exactly what I do whenever I am reading any blog post I try to write my comment for that post which get me good amount of visitors

So what I want to tell you that stop for bothering about do follow, no follow, inserting links, inserting keywords instead try to be genuine and write good valuable comments which will yield more SEO benefits rather than trying to fool the blog owner

So Friends this was on how to do blog commenting for SEO and if you like this post please share and do subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks! Keep Blogging
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Enable Captcha In Blogger

You have been receiving spam comments regularly no matter what blogging platform you are using. Spam comments literaly irritates your blog readers as well as it make your blog look less professional. For Wordpress there are many plugins by which you can automatically stop spam comments from appreaing on your blog but for those who are using blogger platfrom they don't have any plugins to do so which requires us to manually delete all the spam comments and this is very time consuming and tedious task

Enable Captcha Blogger
How To Enable Captcha In Blogger

Even worst is that in some cases you might accidentely delete your good geniune comments also you must have seen that some comments are only just links of thier blog or affiliate links which is adding nothing to our blog community so there is no point in allowing people to post such comments Also there are many spammers who just post comments with links pointing to gambling, porn sites which is definitely going to harm your blog rankings since Google hates Porn and gambling sites and you don't want your blog to anyway be linked to such blogs.

So to avoid all these irrelevent comments from appreaing on your blogger blog you can enable captcha for your blogger blog. Captcha is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" and it simply shows few letters or numbers to type in before allowing your readers to post comments on your blogger blog

So lets see how to show captcha word verification on your blogger blog and this trick is very simple and will not require you to install any widget to enable captcha So lets start the tutorial

Enable Captcha For Comments In Blogger

1) Login to your blogger dashboard and select the blog for which you want to enable captcha

2) Go To Posts and comments and now you will see the option for show word verification, just select Yes and you are done

Enable Captcha Blogger
Enable Captcha Blogger

3) Now any visitor who would like to comment will have to go throught this word verification prior commenting and this will drastically reduce spam comments on your blogger blog.

Enable Captcha Blogger
Captcha Word Verification Blogger

I hope you like this post of how to enable captcha in blogger and please share with your frineds and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogger tips and tricks! Keep blogging
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Why Bloggers Fail - 9 Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail

There are literally hundreds of new blogs pop up every day in blogosphere but only few succeed and most blogs fail have you ever wondered why most bloggers fails in taking their blog to next level of success, well there are many reasons why most bloggers find it hard to make their blog a big success. Blogging is great and nowadays starting blogs is very easy job but to keep the motivation, hard work and dedication for long run is very daunting task

I have seen many newbie bloggers start blog with the intention of making lots of money online and quit their 9 to 5 job but only few succeed and many fail well if you fall into this category then you must be knowing that making money from their blog is not easy and it takes continues hard work with consistency. Blogging Platforms like Wordpress, blogger, Tumblr, Joomla, Typepad enables people to start blog which just few clicks and their blog will up and live online in no time

Why Bloggers Fail
Why Bloggers Fail- Reasons Why Blogs Fails

So what are the reasons why most bloggers fail and what are they doing wrong whether they are expecting too much from their blog in short span of time or whether they are doing something which is most probably holding them back So in this post I am going to point out few important reasons by most newbie bloggers fail and why you can do to about it

Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail and Quit Blogging

1) Not Choosing Right Topic - This is most probably the main reason why many blog fail and exist for not more than 3 months, I have see people just choose topic thinking that other bloggers are making money blogging about this topic. Have you ever noticed why they are making money because they know lot about the topic and if you are simply picking the niche to tap into their shoes then you are going to fail?

What to do - Choose topic in which you have lots of knowledge and interest

2) Lack of Time- I know it really very hard to regularly produce quality content daily especially if you have just started blogging, In initial days you have to regularly do blog posts to gain the momentum and increase the visibility of your blog but due to lack of time you fail to cope with this and literally quit blogging

What to do - Systematically manage your time and dedicate at least 1 hour for blogging and keep the posting frequency consistent

3) Copy Others Content- Let me tell your friends that there is not shortcuts for success and you have to push yourself very hard to be at the top, Many beginners bloggers think that why to waste time in writing instead they can just copy other people content, spin with some stupid article spinning software and they can get unique articles but Google is very smart and they can point out which articles are original and which are scrapped from other resources

What to do - Never Copy other people content instead produce your own original content which is get good rankings in search engines

4) Giving Up Too Quickly - This is the biggest reason why bloggers fail is they quickly think to quit blogging after few months and it can range from 1 to 3 months, I have seen blog which were producing 10 post per week which went to stale after 1 month itself. Let me tell you that it will take time to see increase in your blog traffic and to gain solid readership as the time will grow your traffic will also increase believe me guys.

What to do - Never think about quitting blogging instead read some motivating blogging success stories and write and say to yourself that I were to quit then why I started blogging and why I wasted so much time so stick there and you will be glad after 1 or 2 years

5) No Money - Another reason why most bloggers stop blogging is they are not making money from their blogs and they think there is no point in doing this stuff. Making money from blogs is very tough well I am not saying here that it's impossible to make money blogging but you have to work very hard and act smartly to monetize your blogs. You are only going to make money blogging if you act smartly and pick up the best opportunities out there

What to do - If you are beginner blogger then for at least 6 months don't think about money instead focus on writing quality content and try to increase your blog readership

6) Less Blog Promotion - Producing fresh content is good but if you are only concentrating on content and neglecting promotion of your blog then you are doing a big mistake. There are few big bloggers who said me that they are spending 20% of their time in writing and 80% of their time is promoting their blogs

What to do - Try to promote your blog in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Pinterest and be active there to see maximum results

7) Writing Skills- Many people think that blogging is the job of writer and one has to be exceptional writer to make their blog successful but they are wrong it's not like this you have to be able to express yourself what you want to tell your readers and not to neglect the point that good writing skills is also essential

What to do - Keep improving your writing and vocabulary skills by reading online or reading newspaper daily and continuously keep on writing this will improve your writing skills tremendously

8) No Keyword research- If you are simply writing blog posts without doing any keyword research then you are again doing big mistake because if you are not doing keyword research prior writing your blog post then your blog posts will land nowhere in search results and people will not be able to read your blog posts

What to do- Do proper keyword research before writing your blog posts

9) Not Building Email Subscribers- You must have heard that " Money is in the list" Yes it’s true the money is in the list and they are your blog loyal readers so from day one no matter if you are having 10 posts try to put optin form on your blog and try to capture their email address because at the end they are the most potential buyers if in case if you are thinking to get into affiliate marketing in future

What to do- Signup for free account with Feedburner or mail chimp which are free or aweber which is more professional email marketing software

So friends these are top 9 reasons why most bloggers fail and if you will focus on all the above mentioned points then you can reduce your blog chances to fail, If you like this post please share and also don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks! Keep Blogging and Stay motivated.
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Truth About Overnight Success Stories In Blogging

There are many bloggers out there who are making hugh amount of money from blogging in fact they are making a living online but many people have this myth in their mind that they had this success overnight but no there is no such overnight success stories when it comes to making money online. It takes hugh amount of hard work, dedication and patience to make decent amount of money online

I have seen many beginner bloggers who are curious to know how these big bloggers are making a living online and yes it's tempting to know the secret when they are reading all the income reports and traffic stats of such bloggers but they don't know the reality behind this success

Why I am writing this post because there are many friends of mine who ask me ' Yes I am going to start a blog and how can I make money out of it' I just tell them that don't think of making money at this point of time instead focus on writing quality content and keep on learning new things and various aspects of blogging then slowly and steadily you will know various ways to make money from your blogs

Overnight Success Stories Blogging
Overnight Success Stories In Blogging

Like for example people who start blogging are literally asking questions like when they are going to make money by blogging and how much they can make money from Google adsense, well asking such questions is not wrong because everybody wants something in return for their hard work but I want to tell all those new people who start blogging is you have to at least wait and keep on blogging for at least 6 months after that you can expect to make some money online but these are not to discourage newbie bloggers but I am telling you the reality how stuffs works and yes if you cross this barrier then you will definitely see good results

There is no such business where you are going to see overnight success stories first you have to put in your efforts and then you can get the sweet fruits from your hard work this applies to everyone no matter you are a blogger or a business men.

It's similar to give and take relation especially in case of blogging you have to provide value and useful content to your readers and then your readers will gain trust on what you have to say them

Like for e.g. if you are promoting affiliate products on your blogs and if you are beginner blogger then you will not see many sales by doing affiliate marketing but as the time goes on you will surely see good amount of sales why? Because your readers will start to trust you and will have no hesitation from buying products from your affiliate links

There are bloggers like Tim ferriss and Darren rowse who wrote an eBook which are making them thousands of dollars just by selling those eBooks to their readers and their readers are happy to buy from them because they have developed the authority in their niche and they have developed trust factors with their visitor’s overtime

So to sum up I would like to say that yes you can make decent amount of money by blogging but you have to keep patience and put lots of hard work in initial days of your blogging and later you will definitely see good days for sure and just stay away from these overnight success stories, yes they are good for motivation but don't compare their success with yours because all the fingers are not same of your hands.

Some might see the success sooner while some might take some more time but hard work always pays off no matter what so keep on blogging and stay motivated!!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How To Disable Right Click on Blogger

Disabling right click on your blogger blog is the best trick you can do to protect your valuable content, we as blogger work so hard to research and write quality and unique content for our visitors but as you know that there are many spammers and scrappers out there who just want to copy our article and paste on their blog thus wasting our hard work and time So to avoid this and protect our blog from scrappers we can disable right click on our blogger blog so that whenver anyone tries to copy our content doing right click they will not be able to do in short we are going to disable the function of right click from our blog

Disable Right Click Blogger
How To Disable Right Click on Blogger

But I would like to tell you one this that even though this is good trick to prevent your content but if your blog is for tutorials then be careful because like in many blogs they provide code for thier visitors like in this blog post where they have to do right click and copy the code. So think about this also anyways without wasting much time lets see how to protect our blog from scrappers

Disable Right Click In Blogger

1) Log in to your blogger dashboard

2) Go to layout and click on Add Gadget

3) Now from pop up menu choose HTML/Javascript and paste the below code in the content box

<script language='JavaScript1.2'>

function disableselect(e){

return false


function reEnable(){

return true


document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")

if (window.sidebar){




4) Now click on Save and go and check your blog do right click and you will not be able to do it because it is not disabled Well this was using Gadget method well there is another way to do the same is by placing the code in your blogger template

Disabling right click through blogger template

1) For doing this go to Template >> Edit HTML

2) Press CTRL+F and find <head>  tag and place the below code just above it

“<script type="text/javascript">

var omitformtags=["input", "textarea", "select"]


function disableselect(e){

if (omitformtags.indexOf(

return false


function reEnable(){

return true


if (typeof document.onselectstart!="undefined")

document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")





3) Now click on Save Template and you are done So friends this was how to disable right click on your blogger blog if you like this trick please share with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogger tips and tricks! Keep Blogging Guys
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to Backup Feedburner Subscribers List

Feedburner is most widely used subscription service which is owned by Google where your blog readers and simply enter their email and subscribe to your blog updates so they will receive email whenever you update your blog, They can subscribe to your blog via Email subscription or RSS  You must be knowing how important are subscribers for any blog so it's also very important to backup your feedburner subscribers list specially if you have large no of email subscribers because as you must be knowing that how hard it is and how much time it takes to build a good solid subscribers for your blog

If you are planning to move your feedburner subscribers list to another email subscription service like Mailchimp, Aweber etc then you have to download all your subscribers list so that you can upload it to any service which you like and feedburner provides the feature to export all your email subscribers list with single click an it will be downloaded as CSV file So without wasting much time lets see how to backup Feedburner email subscribers list

Backup Feedburner Subscribers List
How To Backup Feedburner Subscribers

Backup Feedburner Email Subscribers List

1) Login to your feedburner dashboard and select the blog for which you want to backup the subscribers lists

2) Click on Publicize

Backup Feedburner Email Subscribers

3) Now under Email Subscriptions click on Subscription Management

Backup Feedburner Subscribers
How to Backup Feedburner Subscribers Lists

4) Scroll down  to find View Subscriber Details click on that link, here you can either deactivate, reactivate or delete subscribers but you have to backup your email subscribers list so click on CSV and you will have the backup of all your feedburner email subscribers list exported into Excel sheet which you can save on your computer or simply upload to any other email subscription service

Backup Feedburner Subscribers
Backup Feedburner Subscribers

So friends this was how to backup feedburner subscribers list if you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more such blogging tips and tricks! Keep Blogging
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